What-To-Do to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Refinishing projects to home’s furniture could be a great idea for redecorating certain rooms, instead of spending multiple times more budget to purchase the new ones. Well, if you now wonder about what you can do with your dull kitchen, you would probably find a way as you are checking on the cabinets that are still good, yet requires some new touches.

Refinish kitchen cabinets is certainly a clever inspiration to adopt. You might have made a big investment by purchasing a set of high-quality kitchen cabinets at the first time you stepped into your new home. Hence, throwing them away may not be a really good idea if you only have a motivation of having new kitchen’s look.

Sleek Look Kitchen Cabinets after Being Refinished in Pure Grey Painting to Meet Patterned Backsplash

Remove Hardware

You are going to replace and repaint, that is what you basically need to do while refinish kitchen cabinets. However, this project deals with a number of details that should be carefully understood. One clear step you have to do during the project is removing the cabinets’ hardware. This step is necessary for you will need to have those cabinets free from its attachments in order to apply new paint or modification to the hardware itself.

If you happen to reuse the hinges, pulls and some other complementary tools to your refinished cabinets, then you should consider marking them with number or other signs to indicate which holes or spots they should be reinstalled when the project’s almost done.

Apply Sanding and Clean

Before repainting the kitchen cabinets, sanding it using 150-grit sandpaper would smooth the cabinets’ surface and remove any left marks from the previous work. Yet, try to apply the sanding lightly, so that you would not damage the cabinets’ surface. Afterwards, make sure that you have cleaned up the dust produced by the sanding before them getting repainted.

Refinished Wooden Kitchen Cabinets to Look More Impressive with Decorative Sun Flowers

Primer and Paint

This is probably the most crucial step on refinish kitchen cabinets projects. Cleverly pick up the right primer to apply. It is to say that you should consider applying tinted primer which match with the top coat. So, you will have to coat the primer at least once before applying the top coat. It would certainly save much money for the paint and primer cost.

Replace the Complementary Hardware

It is okay to replace the old ones with the new ones, but you are recommended to use similar hardware for your cabinets to avoid any difficult work. Use a drawer pull jig to help you get the measure of where to install the hardware.

Architectural Based Kitchen Floor Plan with Folded Island and Refinished Cabinets

Smart Lighting Features under and above Cabinets to Show Off Refinished Furniture

Elegant Refinished Kitchen Cabinets with Granite Countertop and Patterned Tile Backsplash

Cool Kitchen Interior with U Shaped Cabinets Refinished in White with Black Countertop

White Subway Tile Backsplash to Meet White Refinished Cabinets with Black Top

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