Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Doors for New Kitchen Look

Are you thinking or refacing the kitchen cabinet? You don’t have to do a lot of work. Simply do something with the kitchen cabinet doors and the cabinet will be looking brand new. This simple, easy and low budget kitchen décor can be your next DIY project. As the cabinet appears the most prominent in the kitchen, the change on appearance gives a huge effect on the overall kitchen design. It transforms the area from one style to another.

Chic Kitchen With Lush Cabinet Door Using Stainless Steel Knobs

Painting the cabinet doors is the most favorable trick. Suppose the cabinet is looking shabby and outdated, repaint it with brighter paint color. Interior designers recommend using bright paint color for new cabinet instead of dark colors. This tips always works since bright color trips off the previous old appearance. There are various types of paint to choose. If you wish to have a shimmering cabinet look, consider glossy finish. Under the right lighting, it can appear sophisticated as it reflects the lighting in a beautiful way. Paint with matte finish on the other hand is preferable for bold signature style. Grey cabinet looks best with this finish.

Now that you have chosen the new paint color, consider the hardware replacement for kitchen cabinet doors. This small detail is indeed the second focal point of every cabinet. Suppose the old hardware is outdated and starts to get rustic change it right away. To create modern cabinet, opt for rectangular metal hardware for the cabinet handles instead of round hardware. If your kitchen is rather classic and traditional, go for hardware shape with curves like curvy rectangular. It blends nicely with traditional kitchen set. As for rustic kitchen design, the bronze hardware can satisfy your need for rustic kitchen cabinet. This hardware style definitely looks rustic like it is something from the 18th century.

Perfect Kitchen Cabinets Doors Design With Golden Knobs also Frantic Chandelier

The choice to reface kitchen cabinet may also refer to replacing all the doors. This is usually the last effort that you can choose. It has to be done when the existing kitchen cabinet doors have some heavy damage on it that cannot be fixed with repainting or hardware replacement. Make sure to choose the right material or the same material as the previous doors. Different materials have different looks. As a result, new cabinet doors can appear odd. If it’s maple then choose maple wood instead of oak or teak. Cutting the wood isn’t something you can learn in one night. So, get help from friends or family. Now that you have several options for new cabinet look, your DIY project will soon be on its way.

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