Red Pendant Light In Any Rooms

From bathroom to bedroom, red pendant light is breathtakingly able to drag your eyes to its fascinating visual effects. Sometimes, it can be prettily bohemian while some sort of dramatic lights possibly enlighten your mood. Well, no matter how you perceive it through your senses, this light got quite lots of fans.

red pendant light 1

Now that you know how iconic this pendant light could be while being hung in one of the rooms in your house, you might want to consider to put it in the right room. It would much depend on your taste though, but you surely need to think about its function too, instead of its dramatic color to be mixed with other interior elements.

Let us see what you can get from several pendant lights hung above your vanity. Judging from the most favorite color applied in bathrooms, white is much well-matched with the red pendant light. The color of its cover would dramatically add a new distinct atmosphere in your white-painted bathroom and white marble vanity.

Besides, hanging some pendant lights above your vanity can help you get more accurate light while doing your make-up. Sometimes, ceiling lights are not enough while natural light is absent.

Not feeling enough with the bathroom? Then you can choose to bring your pendant light to your dining room. The shades given by three to four pendant lights hanging above the table are inevitably intimate to make the whole family enjoy their dinner.

red pendant light 3

The arrangement of the lights depends on the room’s size and the table’s shape. While the long rectangular table can be supported by pendant lights arranged in a line, the round one is possibly suitable with five small pendant lights hung in a circle.

Later, we are going to see how these lights can increase the intimacy between you and your partner in the bedroom. Having two pendant lights hung on the two sides of the bed seems to be one gorgeous idea to inspire you for your next decoration project.

Not only does it give a new look to the whole room, but pendant lights are able to free more space on your bedside tables. The available space can be used to place books or any reading you like to have before sleeping.

red pendant light 4

red pendant light 2

red pendant light 5

red pendant light 6

red pendant light 7

red pendant light 8

red pendant light 9

red pendant light 10

red pendant light 11

red pendant light 12

Wherever you are going to hang the lights, you must consider the right height which is going to affect how much space it can cover. The higher they are, the wider range it could brighten up.

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