Reasons to Turn Your Preference to Sliding Bathroom Door

As the time passes, human’s needed in regards of available space to build buildings have increase. Apartment and personal houses become smaller than years ago, making people should think of inventing something to help save more space inside their home. Starting from under bed storage, small yard landscaping, and even to sliding bathroom door. Each of them has intention to keep the maximum function with leased space to consume, and bath room was no exception.

Impressive Sliding Bathroom Door also MInimalist Vanity Plus Square Mirror

Have you ever meeting a situation where you think that you’ll have a bigger room if only your door doesn’t have to be opened and closed all the time? Then now, rejoice! There is something called sliding bathroom door. That thing is similar with Japan’s traditional sliding door where you only have to slide the door to left or right in order to open or closed the door. But of course, this one has more modern atmosphere in it. Still not sure yet? Here are several reasons on why you have to turn your attention towards sliding bathroom door.

Space Saver

Well, as already explained before, sliding bathroom door can save more space for your room. No need to be bothered anymore by a large gap you should spare only to let your door getting open or closed.

Have Less Problem During Usage

Unlike normal door which hinge sometimes getting rusty and hard to open/closed the door, sliding bathroom door doesn’t have such issue to worry about. There might be remain another issue such as being stuck when the door being slide, but this kind of case is not as often as the normal door usually does.

Lovely Glass Sliding Door For Showering Area also Wooden Table

Much Stylish

You have to admit, the style for sliding bathroom door is more creative than the normal door does. While the normal door commonly being played out in the carving art and woods quality, the sliding bathroom door can be painted with any picture or color for innovation. You can use the slide door as your large canvas to paint your creative imagination and enjoy your bath time more than normally you do.

Higher Safety

Have you ever hit someone who happened to be behind the door while you’re in emergency and don’t have time to pay attention to your surrounding? Several people must’ve experienced such tragedy. Not only that’s so embarrassing, but also make you feel guilty over hitting innocent people albeit accidentally. By using sliding door, no need to worry about hitting people when you’re running to the door. Safety is more guaranteed.

Angelic Cabinet With Sink and Faucet Plus Sliding Door For Bathroom Decor

Cute Design Of Sliding Door Showering Area Of Visible Glass Material

Appealing Interior With White Wooden Sliding Bathroom Door Using Dark Pipe

Fantastic Wooden Flooring also Invisible Glass Sliding Bathroom Door Decor

Simple Design of Sliding Bathroom Door also Cabinet and Shower Area

Tantalizing Visible Glass Sliding Area also Modern Cabinet With Shiny Top

Stylish Design Of Sliding Bathroom Door For Decorating Closet Near Window

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