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By | November 28, 2021

Are you planning to have renovation for your bathroom, especially the walk in shower ideas? An ordinary bathroom usually only has shower or bath-up, toilet, sink and cabinets.

However nowadays, people like to have walk in shower because it saves more water and time. No need to wait the long time for the water fulfill the big tube in the bathroom.

And it comes to the new trend of the shower category that is called as walk in shower without door or we can call it as doorless walk in shower. This type helps you more in using less space of the bathroom. It can be true because you don’t need the door swings nor the frames.

Complete Traditional Bathroom using Glass Walk in Shower Ideas and Long Oak Vanity on Marble Flooring

So, what are other benefits to have doorless walk in shower? Let’s check these out!

1. The Accessibility

As it does not have boundary, it gives you more space to move freely. You can reach other areas in the bathroom more easily. The access for all corners are helped also.

2. The Maintenance

Although it does not have door, it does not mean that there is no need for the maintenance. Indeed, it needs extra care compare to the traditional shower stalls.

How to maintain it? Just clean the shower by wiping down as smooth as you can. It is easier than when you use walk in shower with glass door.

Add Wooden Vanity and White Sink for Tiny Bathroom with Clean Walk in Shower Ideas

There are some facts that you might not know about the walk in shower ideas:

– It is custom designed

It means that every single part of the shower area can be freely requested to the interior designer to play with the things there. We can change the background or the tiles on the walls, the shower head, the anti-slippery mat, etc.

Maybe you haven’t known that the walk in shower can replace the existing or previous shower or bathtub.

– Selecting the base

As to keep safety as the first component to be done, you need to choose materials that are not slippery like ceramic etc.

Try to find rough materials such as Onyx or other tiled base floors so that you or the other users get slipped when they are using the walk in shower.

Measure every single thing about the shower. It determines the space that the users can use comfortably.

Don’t too small and don’t too big. Remember that it is only the shower, not the bathtub.

– Safety of the lights and water

This is important! Do not let the lights and cables get through the water.

By using the doorless walk in shower in the bathroom, it will give another attraction of your house generally. When the guests want to use the toilet, and they look at the walk in shower, it will give the guests another inspiration to bring home.

No matter what, the walk in shower and the bathroom never leave each other. Because if there is a clean walk in shower, the better a person is. It means that a person can be judged of his or her characteristic by looking or seeing the hygiene and clean of the bathroom.

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