Purple Living Room for Vibrant Living Space

Unique unusual color palette like purple is capable of delivering customized design with soothing atmosphere. Purple living room is no exception. This home design adds playful color splash to the area for a change of atmosphere. Purple touch in living room doesn’t always have to be dominant. In fact, small and minor details like chandelier or are rug can actually bring out huge difference to overall room appearance. Purple goes great for any kinds of home designs from rustic, traditional to contemporary. It’s up to you to design the furnishing.

Astonishing Concept Of Purple Living Room With Neat Pillow Cover

An elegant living room with a touch of purple can be created by combining pale purple-gray wall and soft gray area rug. It’s an attention stealer mixture that is made even more perfect with bright yellow wood coffee table. Shocking purple may be a bit too much but when it’s made soften with gray, the result is incredibly. It’s always perfect for wall palette. If you wish to not having dominant purple wall palette, consider two palettes for the living room wall. Two sides are painted in white or other neutral and two other sides are painted in purple. This trick can actually bring new ambience.

Consider for some classic traditional purple living room? Again, opt for soft purple wall. Then, add classic Ottoman in bright color. Yellow is one of the recommended colors. This color definitely brings out more dose of sunshine. It counterattacks the dark ambience from purple wall. Shortly said, it brightens up the atmosphere making the living room more vibrant.

A big fan of eclectic should go for lavender living space. With velvety sofa, a coffee table and two additional chairs, the living room is up for perfection. This color combination soothes the mood of everyone in the living room. The wall is rather unique with patterned accent color paint for more eclectic feel. But if you don’t feel like velvety sofa is your choice, stick to neutral sofa in white or beige. Then, add beautiful classic purple crystal chandelier on top of the coffee table. It adds elegance leaving the more vibrant. Consider purple curtains, shades or shutters as well if the room still needs some splash of color.

Beckoning Sofa Sets also Wooden Coffee Table For Living Space Design

Another dominant element in living room that can be nicely decorated using purple color is the tile. Instead of hardwood flooring, choose gray-purple porcelain tiles instead. It adds gorgeous accent and brings out a touch of modernity for purple living room.

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