Pros and Cons of White Marble Tile

By | July 14, 2021

White marble tile is often considered as the luxurious flooring option. Many great houses feature this flooring and the entire thing looks amazing. However, there are actually some good points and bad points on this flooring option. If you are considering marble for the remodeling, the following points should help you see better.

Lavish Bathroom With Modern Cabinet With White Marble Top Design


This tile is obviously very beautiful. Many designers and architects like to use this tile as it instantly elevate a property value and look. If you notice, many grand properties are using this tile and flooring. This tile is also known to capture and reflect light in the most excellent way. It makes the entire room brighter and more luxurious. Its’ hard surface is an ideal match to your demand of years durability.

Actually, it will serve you for the rest of your life in normal condition. In addition to white, there are more alternatives for colors or shade and patterns for this flooring. Buyers are allowed to make perfect personalization on the flooring look with this tile.


However, this tile has several drawbacks you need to be aware about. First, this is very expensive not to mention the entire installation cost later. It can be costly investment even though it is actually worth the investment considering the durability. Second, it takes super tiring work to install it in continuously pattern. It is a difficult task to do and even professionals will take time to finish it. Third, it tends to be cold and echoing. It does give larger impression to a room with its natural character, but cold floor and echoing house also feels empty as well many times.

Attractive Bathroom Design Using White Marble Tile Flooring also Neat Shower Area

Fourth, the maintenance required is costly as well. It needs regular cleaning and sealing from time to time. If you are not willing to spend money on this maintenance, you should forget the marble. Fifth, this floor reacts quickly on acid, and it tends to be very slippery. You can’t spill water and wine on it. In addition to it, pointy heels are often not allowed on this floor since it can hurt the surface.

In conclusion, this flooring has the upmost beauty and durability you may want. However, it can be tricky as well when it comes to pricey maintenance and so many don’ts for the floor. In alternative, you can use the white marble tile in rooms and places in which it deserves the best attitude.

Beautiful Cabinet Using  White Marble Tile Top also Mirror Betwen Wall Lamps

Dainty Interior Bathroom Using White  Marble Tile For Decorating Wall

Dazzling Bathroom Wall With White Marble Tile also Visible Glass Door

Delicate Showering Area Design Using White Marble Tile For Wall DEcor

Delightful Cabinet With White Marble Top also Stainless Steel Faucet

Hunky Shower Area Using White Marble Wall Tile also Glass Door

Opulent Wall Design With White Marble For Best Interior Bathroom

Radiant Shower Area Using White Wall and Ceiling Marble Tile also Mirror

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