Pros and Cons Kitchen Tables: In Comparison to Classic Wood Tables

When you are styling and furnishing your kitchen, you can be torn between using classic wooden tables or modern glass kitchen tables. The choice you made should be based on thorough consideration. Therefore, to help you decide whether or not you need glass dining tables for your kitchen, we’ve listed several pros and cons for choosing the glass tables.

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The Pros of Choosing Glass Tables

It’s solid and durable

Despite its fragile looks, glass kitchen tables are considerably solid and durable as they are made of tempered glass which have undergone some special processing. As it’s extremely unbreakable, you can have the glass tables for quite long period of time.

It’s so elegant

The glass tables can instantly enhance the elegance and modernity of the kitchen. It makes the kitchen’s atmosphere looks more formal and sophisticated. Perfect for a well-dressed diner.

It enhance the lighting

With the transparent surface and material of the glass, the distribution of light in the kitchen can be better. Aside from the extra-pretty effect, at the same time, it gives and effect of an airier and fresher kitchen room. Especially since we can directly see through the floor, the glass table helps making an illusion of the wider floor space in our kitchen just the same way like what a counter-height table does.

It has vast range of styles

The last pro point of choosing glass kitchen tables is that it has a wide range of styles, especially compared to wooden tables. The most popular design lately is the round glass one. Besides, you can custom the glass surface to be frosted and also tinted into your favorite color.

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The Cons of Picking Glass Tables

It’s difficult to clean

Dust, dirt and fingerprints are easily left out on the glass kitchen tables. Therefore, if we compare it to wooden tables, the glass ones do need more meticulous constant cleaning.

It needs impeccable interior support

As the glass is transparent, you can directly look through the floor. Therefore, impeccable flooring is such a must to complement the glass tables in making perfect look for the kitchen.

It may not be 100% safe

Unless you choose round or oval shape and the edges aren’t protected with rubber lining, glass kitchen tables can expose some hazard to you. It will be not 100% safe since bigger chance you bump into its sharp corners and get injured.

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