Project: Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

How difficult is refinishing kitchen cabinets? Can we really do it without needing to ask for help from professional carpenter? And how much does it cost to do the job? The answer for each of that question would be certainly varied. It is caused by varied existing cabinets body or carcass that you have in your kitchen. One may need to just repaint the cabinets because the cabinets body is still in good condition, while others would even need to replace the doors, hinges or pulls that have been worn out.

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Analyze The Carcass

It is necessary for everyone planning to work on refinishing kitchen cabinets to examine the cabinets’ sturdiness. Cabinets that are worth refaced should be strong enough to handle refinishing project that will be implemented to them. In addition, by doing this examination, you can also make sure if you need to reface the cabinets or even replace with the new ones.

Plan What You Need

Once you are done with examining your existing cabinets, you can continue the project by making a plan of what hardware or colors you will have to need to do the refinishing kitchen cabinets project. For instance, the cabinets’ pulls might have been so outdated so that they are better to be replaced. Also, you can start thinking about what new colors that you want to bring in to the kitchen to create such a new and distinct atmosphere. Even with hundreds of dollars only, you can have a new kitchen.

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Execute The Project

Surely you will have to pass this step as you are working your refinishing project. Start by removing all the hardware; doors, pulls, hinges, and knobs so that it will be easier for you later when you have to stain the surface with new colors. Give marks or numbers to the hardware you will reuse, so that it will not be difficult for you to reinstall them. Sanding is an important process that must be done properly and thoroughly to the cabinets’ surface. It would remove any stain left by previous finishing work so that the new paint would adhere well. Next, get the cabinets painted. Tinted primer is recommended to be applied to improve primer efficiency. Make sure that it has similar color with the top coat on the next layer. When it is dried, reinstall the hardware.

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