Professional Tips for Selecting a Kitchen Island Bar

By | November 28, 2020

Many people need kitchen island bar because they need more spaces such as for preparing food. However, some people have difficulties to find an island which is suitable with the design and other things. For sure, there are few things you should consider. The most important thing is your budget, the time you will stay in the house and the function of the island.

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For selecting a kitchen island, you’d better identify your kitchen shape. Modern kitchen design depends on one of four standard shapes to get the floor plan. However, only two floor plan which are available for kitchen island. So, it is better if you consider your kitchen shape when you want to put a kitchen island.

Floor Plans which Provide Kitchen Islands

Kitchen which has large U and L shaped is the most suitable kitchen with a kitchen island. You can accommodate kitchen island easily with those kitchen shapes. Having an island in the middle of U shaped kitchen will ease to design two spaces to work. Moreover, in kitchen with L shaped, you should put the island in open space between the kitchen and the house.

Floor Plans which Don’t Provide Kitchen Islands

Kitchen types such peninsula and galley can’t have kitchen island. Those kinds of kitchen usually are created by two parallel spaces on the center of floor aisle. If you put an island in this kitchen, it may disturb the flow. You will find difficulties in moving around the kitchen. You should consider that you need at least three feet of space to move for kitchen island. Without it, then your kitchen will be stuffy.

There are two standard types of kitchen islands. They are fixed island and moveable carts. All of them can be amazing to add space for working or keeping storage. However, they have the disadvantages too.

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Fixed Kitchen Bar or Kitchen Island

If you have large kitchen, it is a good idea to add fixed kitchen island bar. It is an excellent investment. The most important advantage is that you have additional area for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eat directly in the kitchen is what people like nowadays. You can build a kitchen island with a bar on its side. Add tall dining chairs or bar stools will be perfect. The kitchen island can be used to prepare food or keep the storage as well. Moreover, with bar design, you can use this area to work or do homework.

Moveable Island

The moveable island is more flexible and easier to move. This is best for smaller kitchen.

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