Pottery Barn Dining Room Tips for Decorating

By | August 20, 2021

Because a dining room is a social center in most homes, it is always important to decorate it well. If you have a nice dining room, this place will become a favorite space for everyone that comes to your hosting holiday meals, dinner time with some friends, etc. You should choose the right design to make your dining room always inviting. One of the best ideas is the pottery barn dining room decorating tips.

Nice Pottery Barn Dining Room With Rectangular Wooden Table Decor

Lighting Ideas

Lighting always becomes a key feature in every room and you should apply the best lighting to bring good mood in each room. You can do all homework well inside a room with sufficient brightness, whilst an intimate dining atmosphere can be gotten by applying soft lighting inside the dining room. The ideal lighting to choose is fixtures and bulbs that are among 200 – 400 watts. But you will have a perfect lighting by layering the light; it can be made by mixing the lighting sources such as floor lamps, candles, wall lighting fixtures as well as the windows as the source of natural lighting. Also consider the shape and size of the lighting fixtures so it balances the dining room.

Choose the Right Dining Table

Dining table must be an important key to have inside a dining room. Even many families make their best memories on their dining table. Firstly, you should consider your needs and space while choosing a dining table. Make sure the size is perfectly fit the room and you still have sufficient space for the chairs and all people to move comfortably. You can choose round table for a small dining room and rectangular table with leaves extension so it can load more people for special day dinners.

Magnificent Sofa Beside Floor Lamp Plus Table For Room Decor

Harmonize the Color

You can set the dining area’s tone by choosing the right colors for the dishes, linens, etc. If you prefer a traditional aesthetic design, you can apply neutral colors such as brown, gray, white, beige, or ivory. If you need something that can freshen your mood, you can apply accessories in one pop color.

It doesn’t matter to apply different textures and bold colors. For instance, you can create contrast look by applying fabrics and unexpected colors in pair, such as earthy linen and glossy velvet. Bring the colors through the dining room with some help of rug or printed tablecloth. Add a wall art to improve the personality and color state inside the dining room. You can apply more decorations on the wall if you still have plenty of space.

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