Popular Materials of White Tile Bathroom

Those having a small bathroom can try to make their bathroom look larger and lighter by installing white tiles. White color not only can make a room including bathroom look neater and cleaner but also it can go with many colors perfectly. White color is everlasting color as well. Tile materials for bathroom can be ceramic, granite, glass, limestone, porcelain, natural stone, vinyl, marble, slate. Brick, natural mosaic, travertine, quartzite, terracotta, etc. they have their own beauty for sure. If you wish to remodel your bathroom, and you are confused of how to choose the best tiles for your bathroom, you should have knowledge about bathroom tiles.

Amazing Interior Design Using White Tile Bathroom and Wooden Cabinet

Some best tiles for bathroom:

· Vinyl Tile. This is one of the most popular materials for bathroom flooring because it is not really expensive and it fits to any kinds of bathroom styles, offers safety, durability, and comfort.

· Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles. These kinds of tiles are very popular for their easy maintenance although they are not as comfortable as vinyl when you are barefooted. They need other materials to cover them to make them more comfortable and safe. Otherwise you end up sliding in your bathroom.

· Stone tiles. These kinds of tiles which are various in colors and materials (marble, limestone, granite, slate, and others) need high maintenance. These kinds of tiles are various in textures as well and are undoubtedly very expensive.

· Wood Tile. Although this is a kind of high maintenance, it has its own fans. They probably love the look of woods. This kind of tile also needs other materials to cover for protection. It is suggested that its fans not use wood for the entire bathroom since the wood will get damaged easily and take a lot of wood for sure. Wood tile also is hard to get, so this must be pricy nowadays.

· Glass tile. This is one of the best materials since it offers safety when it is combined with other materials. You won’t slide just easily. It also takes creativity since layers of glass tiles is more beautiful. You can get many effects of glass being layered, right?

When it comes to colors, the white color tile is of course has many pluses like mentioned before. Just beware of the way you clean it otherwise your bathroom will end up dirty and dull. Knowing the way to clean white tiles is a must, so find the best solution to clean white-tile bathroom.

Awful Cabinet With Large Mirror also White Tile Bathroom Design

Buying Tips:

When you want to buy porcelain, ceramic, and glass for bathroom tiles, make sure that you know the grades for floors (1 or 2), coefficient of friction that ceramic tiles have, and the rate for safety. If you know nothing about them, ask the shop assistant to explain them in detail. These things are usually available in the brochure, so the assistant will explain to you easily.

Are you ready to remodel your bathroom with white tile? It is great if the article about white tile bathroom can give you inspiration. Good Luck!

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