Pool Deck Ideas Made from Concrete

Pool deck is a feature to have around the pool so you can enjoy your time there well. There are many kinds of materials commonly chosen for the pool deck. One of the best pool deck ideas is concrete pool deck because of many benefits given by the material. With concrete material, you can make the pool deck inexpensive and simple. You can also be more creative by using this material. It is also a very functional material that can be made in various designs, textures and colors.

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Decorative Concrete

By choosing decorative concrete, you can have more affordable option than the natural paving. Concrete pool deck will become the most durable option that can stand up to lots of use and also weather. To make the concrete pool deck looks best, you can do many things such as adding concrete benches, lighting, water fountains and tables. Hire a professional to make the concrete pool deck unless you have had great experience to do the same project.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is another great choice for pool deck area. It is available in many options of pattern and color. By choosing stamped concrete, you will get the look of bricks and stone, but you don’t need much maintenance on it. By using stamped concrete, you can also choose the best pattern suitable with the pool, applying some décor, or plants around the pool. Stamped concrete is the common concrete used on driveway, but it has more special pattern impressed to the concrete before totally dry. You can make the design based on your imagination. After the concrete dries, it will be a great and enjoyable deck.

Colored Concrete

Colored concrete is one of the most awesome pool deck ideas to apply. It is useful if you want to make it in specific color or match the decoration around the pool. Start the application from the ordinary concrete and then the color can be added later. You can get some color ideas from the contractor that handles the project. This colored concrete can also be applied on the stamped concrete pool deck.

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Textured Concrete

Textured concrete is the choice to make little ridges and bumps on the concrete surface. It is a great idea for pool deck because the texture will make the pool deck slip resistant. The material is also easy on feet and will not get too hot in summer days.

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