Pole Barn House Plans Free

By | August 9, 2022

Pole Barn House Plans Free – One thing we love about pole buildings is their exceptional adaptability. Once used only as farm buildings, pole barn homes are a growing trend in the residential sector.

Also known as “barndominiums,” these pole barn houses are popping up across the country in both rural and suburban areas as more and more people are looking for unique, affordable housing options that allow for open floor plans and quick construction. The flexibility of pole buildings allows for nearly unlimited customization at a much lower price point than traditional homes and the simple nature of pole buildings makes the construction process much faster than traditional methods.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Although barndominiums are completely customizable to your design tastes, it is important to note that one of the main reasons why pole barn homes are more affordable and faster to build is their simplicity. If you are looking for a home with multiple roof lines and/or dormers, we are not the builder for you. Our pole barn homes have more streamlined rooflines, as shown below.

X30 Pole Barn

Barndominiums are meant to be just that – barns turned homes. If your goal in wanting a barndominium is simply to get a traditional home at a lower price, a barndominium is not the right choice for you. You should opt to work with a builder who can build a traditional stick frame home.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

It is also important to note that although barndominiums are customizable, our engineers have some limits on design aspects and floor layouts to keep it as a pole building rather than traditional stick frame construction. We will send your building sketch to our engineers with the design and layout you are hoping for, and although our engineers are typically able to make it work, please understand that we may have to make some small revisions.

Note: Monitor-style pole buildings are very popular and a great option for a barndominium. The only downside of a monitor-style home is that it cannot be completely open concept, as the support posts are spaced 10′-12′ apart along the length of the building, between the raised center and the lean-tos on each side. .

Pole Barn House Plans Free

X80 Barndominium Floor Plans With Shop

At this time, we only offer warm shell barndominium construction. A warm shell build includes an insulated interior and a 100% complete exterior – however, it does not include any interior finishes. If you choose Beehive Buildings as your warm shell pole barn home contractor, you will be responsible for obtaining your own permit and we will then coordinate with your plumbing and electrical subcontractors to plan the pre-construction underground work.

Once we’re done with the warm shell, the interior is yours to complete as you wish. This option is perfect if you are handy and want to do the interior yourself or if you want to hire your own subcontractors.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Wondering what the construction process is like and if this is something you would like to pursue? Take a look at our warm shell construction process.

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As we mentioned above, pole barns have an incredibly fast build time. This is because pole buildings do not require a traditional foundation thanks to their post frame construction.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

If you opt for a warm shell construction, your build will take approximately 8-10 weeks from start to finish.

Christel contacted us to make her a pole barn home that includes an apartment upstairs, a woodshop in the back, and a dog kennel in half the building.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

X30 Gable Pole Barn Roof Plans

Find out how the openness and flexibility of a pole barn home can fit your lifestyle and your budget!

The warm shell of a pole barn home is where you will gain the most savings against a traditional stick framed home, as a pole barn takes less time and material than a stick frame home and does not require a traditional footing or foundation. The warm shell of a barndominium costs, on average, $110-$130 per square foot (depending on accessories) of living area and $80-$100 per square foot of garage area.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Although we do not coordinate the interior finishing, we can give you an estimated cost per square foot to help with your budget. To finish a pole barn home, the average cost is $75-$95 per square foot for interior finishes. If your barndominium does not include a garage, the square footage cost will be higher since garage interiors are much cheaper to finish than living space interiors. The same goes for a smaller barndominium in general. Typically, the larger the building, the cheaper the square footage price.

Model E Floor Plan, 2 Bed/2 Bath Cottage Home

Please note that these estimates do not include excavation, pulling in utilities to your property, septic systems, building permit fees or any other city fees.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Since bardominiums are relatively new here in the West, not every financial institution is able to finance them. We recommend checking with your local credit union, as some of our clients have had luck with this route.

If you are planning to have a general contractor help with your build, we recommend contacting Jason with Frontier Financial at 801-726-3720 for financing. Please note that they cannot finance a barndominium unless you are working with a general contractor.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Pole Barns: Blazing Pole Building Prices…honestly

At Beehive Buildings, we build our pole barns to stand the test of time. We take pride in our craftsmanship and our entire team works hard to guarantee customer satisfaction for years to come. As a pole barn contractor who cares, we stand by our product and back every build with a 10-year warranty.

We know that when you invest in something, you expect it to last. Quality builds start with quality materials – which is why we only use materials we trust to stand up to the foundations for decades to come, including sustainably sourced Douglas and Hem fir wood and 100% American-made metal. Over the years, we have streamlined our design and construction process, relying on our local knowledge, connections and experience to provide you with exceptional service and clear communication from start to finish.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Beehive’s pole barn homes can be built in many different shapes, sizes and configurations to meet your family’s needs. From custom color schemes and unique doors to cupolas and porches, the flexibility in design options allows you to add your own special touch to your custom metal pole barn home.

Waldchalet Am Eichhof, Innsbruck

One of the great advantages of building a pole barn home is the flexibility of floor plan design. The ranch-style homes are known for open concept living; However, barndominium interior design can be easily adapted to your personal aesthetic and needs. The pole barn home below combines the best of barndominium living with a large garage and workshop.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Over the years, we have collected a few different floor plans to give customers ideas for their own barndominium design. Take a look for some inspiration and feel free to chat with us about other floor plan options, design styles or accessories for your pole barn home.

We know that your home is more than just a building – it’s the place where you raise your kids, make unforgettable memories, celebrate holidays and milestones and lay your head at night. Like any great craftsman, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and will go above and beyond to build you the home you’ve always wanted. What’s more, we back every build with an industry-leading 10-year contractor warranty.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Pole Barn/post Frame Plan

Although there are several things to consider before building a pole barn home, their high adaptability, completely open floor plans, minimal long-term maintenance, quick construction and significantly lower cost compared to conventional construction make it the perfect home for those looking for a custom home. Living space.

Are you considering improving your property with a pole building? We’d love to discuss your pole barn vision, help you find the perfect location for your build, and provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

NOW SCHEDULING IN FEBRUARY FOR POLE BUILDINGS —- CONTACT US FOR BARNDOMINIUM WARM SHELL DESIGN —- SERVING UTAH, IDAHO AND WYOMING Some people, even after reading this blog, are still confused about what exactly a barndominium is. Is it different than a regular metal building or pole barn? Is it multi-family housing considering it has the name “condominium” in it?

Poplar Square Luxury Apartments

In order to get the full picture of what a barndominium is, you must examine the history of barndominium and its origins. Once you have that, you can begin to decide what size and type of barndominium is right for you.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

There are many advantages to barndominiums, and we will take a look at the best 2 bedroom barndominium floor plans and interior ideas. The idea behind this article is not only to give you a taste of the floor plans, but also the interior designs so you have a sense of what your room might look like when you finally build the structure.

We don’t agree with how others have covered the usual definition of ​​the barndominium, so we will chip in ours at this point.

Pole Barn House Plans Free

Pole Barn Plans

A barndominium is a simple barn-like structure converted into a masterpiece of living space. You will love this structure because compared to other structures, it is easy to maintain, affordable and energy-efficient.

They are the perfect size because not only do they have enough space to cover all your needs, they are built

Pole Barn House Plans Free

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