Pluses and Minuses, Easy Upgrading, and Stone Fireplace Ideas

A fireplace is used for preventing people staying in a room from cold weather. The structure of fireplace can be made from bricks, metals, and stones. In the past this kind of heater was used for cooking, heating water for bathing, for heating a room, for heating laundry water, etc. If you live in cold-weather place and you want to have a fireplace in your house, consider a stone fireplace. However, you need to know its pluses and minuses before having it since you search for the most suitable for your house, right?

Ordinary Fireplace on Stone Wall with Patterned Armchair on Cream Carpet plus Green Plants on the corner inside Modern Home Decorating Ideas

The pluses and minuses of stone fireplace:

· Stone will give a clean look to the room with stone fireplace. This also can be used to make a modern or traditional fireplace. The cast stone fireplace is the most popular. You also can use marble, slate and limestone to build a stone fireplace. However, this kind of fireplace is pricey.

· Stone is very heavy for sure. When it comes to installation, it won’t be easy. Be careful with the heavy stone otherwise it will damage other materials needed for installation.

· Stone fireplace is very easy to clean. You can just use clean cloth and damp cloth to clean the stains, dusts, and other burnt things and residues.

· When you need to repair stone fireplace, difficulty will come to you. However, stones are not easy to crack and even if they crack, they can be hidden so easily.

Now you know the pluses and minuses of stone fireplace, if you still want it in your house, here are the ideas for you to consider:

· Consider a stone fireplace just simply install the stones to frame the fireplace so they form old cobblestones.

· Consider a high stone fireplace with arch cutout. The space for storing firewood pieces is located above the fireplace. The underfoot of the fireplace is made for seating on the left and right side.

· Consider a stone fireplace special for country-style house with a natural design and wooden mantle.

· Consider a fireplace made from stone for a white room with old look.

· Consider a fireplace with stones that are located from the floor to the ceiling. The natural stones of course are more beautiful for this kind of fireplace, however the manufactured rocks are easier to install for they are lighter in weight and similar in size and shape.

Comely Living Space  Using Sofa and Table also Stone Fireplace Ideas

If you have already had a stone fireplace in your house and you feel tired of it, don’t get frustrated. You can always update it in simple ways. You can paint the stone fireplace with a bold color that can make it more stunning than before, or you can just clean the dirt and dust of it and brush it thoroughly that can make the stones of it shine brightly. Updating the mantle is also possible to do to update your old and tiring fireplace.

Those five ideas are great, don’t you think? It is greater if the article about stone fireplace ideas can give you inspiration to remodel or to make one in your house.

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