Plans For Purple Martin House

By | December 24, 2022

Plans For Purple Martin House – Boy, we’ve been taking advantage of the warm days here. Hubby was kind enough to build my purple martin house this week. Look at all the rooms in that mansion. I’ve wanted one for a while, but didn’t want to pay for it. Have you ever seen a decent house from $300 to $900 lately? It was definitely out of my price range, but luckily my friend Lisa bought this for $30 at a craft sale and never used it and said I could have it. Let’s say I jumped for joy, I was really excited. It’s made from old barn wood, so it fits perfectly into our surroundings, just what I wanted.

I picked the perfect spot for it, the place to mount our old satellite dishes; since we don’t use them anymore, I had my hubby take them off (it’s pretty dizzying anyway). The poles are cemented to the ground and I know it would be fun to stand aimlessly in the yard, but now I love having Martin House on it.

Plans For Purple Martin House

Plans For Purple Martin House

I photoshopped purple clematis into this photo because that’s what I’m going to plant around the base. Don’t you think it looks pretty? I already have the vine, I just need to plant it, I think I’ll add wire mesh around the pole so the clematis can hang on it.

Purple Martins Dispel Covid Blues

The house has nest boxes on each side so it can accommodate 24 guests. I guess I just need to sit tight and hope someone moves in.

Plans For Purple Martin House

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Plans For Purple Martin House

Purple Martin Nest Box Project — Olympic Peninsula Audubon Society

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Plans For Purple Martin House

P.A. Taverner was born Percy Algernon Fowler in Guelph, Ontario in 1875. After his parents separated and his mother remarried, he inherited the surname of his mother’s second husband. Taverner was a self-taught naturalist who was the first ornithologist at the National Museum of Canada (now the Canadian Museum of Nature) from 1912 to 1942. He also helped establish Point Pelee National Park and a number of bird sanctuaries across Canada, including Wind Island.

Free Bird House Plans: Diy Guides For Attracting Nesters

He was the original designer and engineer of what is now known as the Taverner Purple Martin House, which was retrofitted with timber and aluminium to suit today’s housing standards. Check out his resume, his original plans, and some of the articles and books he’s written. He was far ahead of his time in Martin’s observations and advice.

Plans For Purple Martin House

In 1919, he wrote an article titled “The Bird House and Its Inhabitants,” which appeared in the first edition of the 1919 edition of the journal The Ottawa Naturalist.

Taverner’s first attempt at the Purple Martin House (below) required the house to be accessible only by ladder or to be demolished at the end of the season. However, numerous Martins occupy this house in Ottawa, Ontario.

Plans For Purple Martin House

Best Bird Houses For Different Types Of Birds

P.A. Taverner’s second attempt at building a purple Martin’s house for his garden turned out just as his plans had envisioned. Since he was an accomplished architect and ornithologist, he seemed to know what was best for Purple Martin. His thinking about design is ahead of its time: a house that can be lowered; a house that can trap invasive species; a house that can be monitored. Over 100 years ago, he was indeed a Purple Martin home builder ahead of his time.

The Double Taverner 32 cubicle unit is an adaptation of the original Taverner home without the towering peaks. The Single Taverner 16 room unit can be downloaded below.

Plans For Purple Martin House

The remodeled 16-room apartment can be downloaded above. It includes Starling resistant doors, easy lift with winch and adjustable nest pans. I’ve always liked the basic design of the T-14. This is a nice house by Martins, the design is a little different from the normal purple Martin’s house. Vertical compartments allow for a more compact style, and a person can make them as high as he or she desires, assuming the pole can handle the load. Again, with a little imagination and ingenuity, they can do a lot of different things to enhance the look of the house. If you don’t want such a tall house, it can be turned into a T-10 with compartments shortened to 3 and 2 respectively.

Northern Sky’s Purple Martin Colony

The T-14 was originally designed by an Amish named Andrew Troyer in Connorville, Pennsylvania. Andrew has hosted Martins for years and knows his stuff very well while taking care of them. However, his design uses only round holes and no porches. The original design also mounted on a wooden pole, I just don’t like using wood for martin poles. It’s too cumbersome to use, and often twists or twists, eventually rotting.

Plans For Purple Martin House

It wasn’t difficult at all to build this house, but when I built mine, I made a few changes. It’s not a wooden pole, it’s mounted on a 12-foot Sched 80 steel pole.

I prefer steel rods without worrying about warping, twisting or rotting. However, to mount the martin house to the round steel pole, a separate slide had to be designed, which I show on this page how to make it. I simply took the basic vertical design concept and then added some enhancements:

Plans For Purple Martin House

Purple Martin House 12 Hole Red Theme

I added the porch with built in owl guard. The great horned/striped owl was ubiquitous and was probably a major problem in the Martin Colony.

I added extra perch poles to the top of the house. Purple martins love a place to sit and chat.

Plans For Purple Martin House

I don’t use nested trays. I felt they reduced the size of the nested compartments, so I eliminated them.

Martin Bird House Plans

I used a plastic molded insert for the entrance to the SREH. European starlings are also a major problem with purple martin shells. While 2″ round holes cut directly into the door, if starlings are an issue then I highly recommend using them.

Plans For Purple Martin House

PLEASE NOTE: I won’t give full detailed dimensions and instructions, but will give the basic dimensions I used on this house, or show a couple of pieces with dimensions to give an “idea of ​​what I’ve done” “. Assuming the person wishing to build this unit has some basic woodworking knowledge and skills, I’m assuming they know most woodworking terms and know what they mean, and how to “pre-drill” screw clearance holes.

As you work through the project, you’ll notice a number of “Notes:” given on this page. They are just there to help me understand how or why I do something. Maybe you know a better way… if so, use it. If not, then mine does work.

Plans For Purple Martin House

Birdhouse See Rock City Purple Martin Bird House Feeder Garden Yard Rustic Decor 859928003019

To keep this page from getting too big, I designed it mostly using “thumbnails” to display images. To view a “full size” picture, simply click on the thumbnail to activate the full version of the picture. If it has dimensions on it then you can simply print it out and take it to the store. As we progress through the build cycle, I’ll describe what I’ve done, and maybe even a tip or two on how to make things easier for the average T-14 homebuilder.

I know some people will be “cost conscious”, but I recommend using materials that are strong enough to be safe not only for birds but also for humans. I wouldn’t skimp on a winch to save a few bucks if my own safety (or anyone else’s) was at stake. I am a person who just likes quality.

Plans For Purple Martin House

I built this house out of western cedar. It’s very powerful and will live forever in the element, even without painting if needed. if you can

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