Plans For A Bluebird House

By | October 16, 2022

Plans For A Bluebird House – Mark visited the bluebird nest for the third time in July last year and was concerned that the bluebirds and eggs were overheating during the hottest days.

At 98 degrees, he noticed the woman sticking her head out of the box and breathing heavily.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Plans For A Bluebird House

One of the eggs in that clutch didn’t hatch, and Mark thinks it may have been due to heat stress. Surprisingly, any of the eggs hatched.

Diy Bluebird House Plans You Can Build Today

It has been documented that heat stressed eggs are less successful even if they hatch, so anything we can do to reduce the heat in the home box will help increase the number of hatchlings.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Mark clearly has carpentry skills and designed a bluebird box with an air gap between the inner and outer walls.

Additionally, the plans include a black vent pipe that, when heated, draws air from under the box into the air gap (see image above). But first, all you Roll-tide fans, brace yourselves.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Diy Bluebird Approved Birdhouse Tutorial

Yes, he did. These are Auburn Tiger colors. For those of you who don’t know, we’re talking about Auburn University football.

Mark said he had never painted a box before, but so much time and effort had gone into this project that he wanted to keep it going. If you want to paint it, you can paint it in the colors of your favorite team or, in Mark’s case, his wife’s favorite team.

Plans For A Bluebird House

We have no doubt that this design will significantly reduce the temperature inside the nest box on very hot days, but will the boxes be too cool on those cold spring days?

National Audubon Society 11.75 In H Unfinished Wood Bluebirds Nesting Box Bird House In The Bird Houses Department At

Perhaps the extra heat in early spring to prevent tailpipe convection currents would be a good thing,

Plans For A Bluebird House

Bluebird eggs and nestlings can tolerate temperatures above 104°F for a short time, but temperatures above 107°F will kill them.

Even if they do hatch, their ability to grow properly is impaired and their survival may still be threatened.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Nest Box Plans

This summer we plan to compare the boxes side by side in direct sunlight to measure the effects of some simple shading devices that can be used in emergency situations.

Hopefully Mr. LaTorre will also record the temperature readings in his bluebird house to see how effective the ventilation system is.

Plans For A Bluebird House

I recorded all summer that year and found that the screen temperature on the shaded porch was the same as the birdhouse on the west side of the house in the afternoon sun. I built one of these for my sister and she sees the clutch every year. On the other hand, I’m not as lucky as mine, I think I installed it too close to the windows.

Woodlink Bluebird Bird House Bb1

Amazingly, her sister has been successful in designing a bluebird house every year in warm weather. Mark’s box may be too close to the windows or for some other reason.

Plans For A Bluebird House

We had a bluebird house set up next to our front porch. For the first two years the bluebirds used it, and then suddenly it stopped.

We saw them flying around the box but never started building a nest. We think our trees and shrubs around the front yard have grown tall and dense, creating an enclosed and inadequate space that bluebirds love.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Build A Bluebird House

The plans show enough detail that experienced builders can figure it out. If you have any questions, please use our contact page.

The photo shows the inner Lauan box, insulation, spacers and air space inside the outer box. Also note the pocket screws used to hold the sides to the bottom.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Mark also sent more pictures of the construction of the vent pipe (heat pipe) and cover (deflector cone or rain cover).

A Simple One Board Cedar Bluebird House!

Her sister’s box is installed in the open, so the box needs a cover to prevent rain from dripping.

Plans For A Bluebird House

A deflector cone is made by cutting a piece from a flat circle of aluminum material and pinching the piece back together to form a cone.

A paper model is a good way to test the best size of circle and piece to cut the desired cone.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Free Bluebird Nesting Box Plans (step By Step Tutorial)

Mark also installed a fence at the top of the tube to prevent squirrels from clogging up the tube with tubes and sticks.

As we mentioned above, Mark built a second blue birdhouse for his sister with a rain hood over the vent and also a metal birdhouse hole over the entrance to keep the squirrels from chewing on it.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Follow the link above to check out how he installed the washer and donut cover in the inlet.

How To Build A Bluebird House (with Pictures)

A recent visitor to our website submitted photos of a bluebird house he built using these warm weather plans.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Bob contacted us first about the vent pipe. He couldn’t find black PVC pipe, so he painted it black as an alternative.

The dark colored pipe heats up more than the white PVC, which helps to push the hot air out of the box.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Town & Country Cedar Bluebird House 4/pack

Compliments of Bob Rau, below are additional photos and reviews that may help you build this home.

“Hi, we finally made the vented birdhouse and it turned out great. In fact, we already have a pair of bluebirds checking it out. Here are some pictures of the house in progress and finished and installed. We didn’t paint. We got natural wood. I like the way our houses look.”

Plans For A Bluebird House

“Since this morning we have been busy nesting in the new box!!! We are excited.” And the next day… “Hello, we are very happy, our pair of bluebirds have finished building their nest and today they laid two eggs in the new vented nest we built for them last week. Pictured above is the finished nest inside the new box. “

The Wildlife Garden: Build Nest Boxes For Wild Birds

We recently had another visitor named Ted McNabb take on the task of building a warm weather bluebird house.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Before I begin, I offer my disclaimer. I am neither an engineer nor a true woodworker. I’m more of a “hold my beer, I want to try something” crafter (after a fashion).

The plans online were very impressive and I was very interested in trying it out since I live on the beach in South Carolina where it gets…yeah…hot.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Bluebird House Plans — Projects — Austin Makes Stuff

We recently started bird watching at a squirrel proof feeder (I’ll save the raccoon story for another time). It all grew on me as I sat on the screen counter in the morning, drinking coffee, watching that feeder, binoculars and bird book in hand. And I’m partial to bluebirds. So that’s backstory.

I have a bit of a shop, most of it inherited from my father (who can design and build furniture) and a fair amount of acceptable scrap wood. I’ve studied Mark LaTorre’s plans over and over and decided not to try and locate the placement of the metal-clad insulation, but it would definitely be an added asset.

Plans For A Bluebird House

I had a few questions for the website, one of which was a quick answer and I found out that the inner bluebird box should be placed mostly, if not inside, of the floor vents to help with air circulation. the space between the outer and inner walls. I had some nice pieces of cedar panels the same thickness as the lauan, so I used that to make the inner box.

Tin Roof Birdhouse

After trying to put everything together at the beginning and cutting the outer and inner boxes, I realized that I couldn’t make the small round gaps shown in the plans, so if I pre-cut pieces of the appropriate thickness, I just found a piece . I bored out my holes and cut them about ¾ square with a hacksaw so that the expansion force of the screw wouldn’t split the small spaces.

Plans For A Bluebird House

It’s the next part that’s hard to get right: how to put it all together… and make it fit. Mark’s plans are clear, so that helps. So I went to the drill press (a hand drill should work) and bored out the back and sides to the appropriate spots shown on the plans with the same size drill bit I used to drill the front spans. from my inbox.

I then slowly added a screw to one of the holes in the inner cedar panels to keep the gaps from cracking and held the screw in place as the screw went through both panels and the spacer, then repeated until all the gaps were in. place in each panel.

Plans For A Bluebird House

Bluebird House Cam Plans Using Wyze Cam V2 Or V3 1080p

I used a screw of the right length and then let it go halfway into the matching outer panel of the bird box, which gave me a very solid connection, but no screws were visible from the outside of the box.

Unfortunately, I am

Plans For A Bluebird House

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