Plan You Play Area for Kids Wisely

By | December 22, 2020

Every family always think about playground if they have young children. What are the best location to create play area for kids? There are two option to create children playground: indoor or outdoor. What are needed for both option? We have some recommended playground ideas for you.

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Indoor Playground

For people who live in countries with extreme weather, having an indoor play area for kids is always the safest decision. Indoor playground is not always decorated as an indoor room. It means, beside placing children slides and small house to play, parents can put some artificial trees or flowers that should have materials are safe for children. Rubber made carpet or artificial green grass can be a good option too. Children needs to have dynamic activities to spend at home.

This is why you can place a day bed in this area. This indoor can be placed in a bedroom or outside the bedroom. You might want to have special room for your children in the house. A large room with no divider is perfect for this. Try not to place hard materials like wooden appliances in the playground, to avoid accident. Some miniature basketball area with balls might be fun for boys. For the girls, collection of barbie dolls and their pink houses completed with mini furnitures can be great!

Outdoor Playground

Do you know that we can build a tree house in our backyards? Tree house does not need to be built on the tree, but can also be built among the trees. The chlldren love it! The don’t only own the slides and see saw but also a house? A mini wooden house with a window and door is cute to complete their happy day.. If you have two big trees, those tree can be the base that connect each other and some robes will make it completed. Put a set of mini chair and table in the house.

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This is place where children will pretend to host some guests so other house toys can be good. Some miniature house design like teletubbies or hobbit houses are ideas you can adopt. Children love fantasy worlds. Plant mini grass for the ground, do not put any stones in the area. Clean the outdoor area from wild plantation to avoid any animals or reptiles hiding in it. Children need to be safe from these dangerous creatures. Other important thing is to have organizer for children toys.

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