Painting Wood Paneling: What I Should Do

Wood paneling might not be looking so good these days. As time goes by, they look dull and so outdated. Unfortunately, we cannot get rid of them so easily from our home. So, the only choice you get is letting them as it should be. Yet, it does not mean that you cannot modify or upgrade their look. Even, by doing this, your old wood paneling would be something as gorgeous as a new decorative home interior element.

Yes, we are now talking about repainting projects applied to wood paneling. Though it seems so simple, do not think that everyone can do the job without difficulties or even mistakes. Therefore, update your knowledge by reading the following section.

Surprising Wood Paneling for Decorative Focal Point with Mounted Painting

Cleaning the Wood Paneling

It is truly necessary for us to make sure that the wood paneling’s surface is free from dust or dirt before getting repainted. You can use damp cloth to wipe away the light stains while harder stains should be removed with an appropriate cleaner for the better result. This step is where you should start preparing for the painting wood paneling project.


Sanding is the next step for you to finish. You can use 100-grit sandpaper for smoothing the paneling’s surface. Some sheen are usually left as a trace of previous work to the paneling, which you have to remove if you want the paint adhere well. Yet, before sanding the paneling, make sure that you have previously been done filling nail holes on the paneling’s surface.

Pole sander, orbital sander or sanding block are usually used to attach the sandpaper you use to smooth the wide space of paneling. Instead, use your hand to apply the sandpaper while you are doing the sanding on the wood trim. Finish the step by wiping away the dust with damp cloth.

Traditional Wooden Paneling for Fireplace Surround and Wall Next to Staircase


The finale step you have to finish on this painting wood paneling project is surely the painting itself. A roller is typically used to help the painter paint the wood paneling, while wood trim should be painted with brush. Stain-blocking primer must be applied with perfect consistency to have the best result. In addition, it is suggested that you use tinted primer of which color similar to the finishing paint. It would enable you to save more energy since you could just apply one-layered primer and one-layered topcoat with a good result.

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