Painting Cabinets White For Antique Look

Painting kitchen cabinets white is now becoming a trend which seems to be pretty good to try by yourselves in your own kitchen. The bright color scheme does not only give the room a clean look, but white cabinets are rather easily matched with any kind of theme colors you put in your kitchen.

painting cabinets white 1

The white cabinets would unexpectedly bring a new distinct calm and antique atmosphere in to your kitchen where most hectic activities around the house take place. Yet, painting them all by yourselves might not be an easy task to do. There are things you should think about before proceeding the painting, for painting cabinets white is not only about spreading the paint on to the wooden panels.

Firstly, you got to make sure that you have the right shade of white. Do not think that the store does only provide you with one single type of white, for this color itself has pretty broad range of shades. Yet, antique white can be your cabinet colors for it is mainly suitable with other colors.

However, you still need to consider other types of white. One thing that you can employ as the standard to pick up the right shade of white is the other furniture you keep in the furniture. Try to check whether or not your white paint goes well with the countertop colors or even the patterned tiles. If you got patterned tiles with white as the background, then it could be your perfect white to paint on the cabinets.

painting cabinets white 2

After having the right white, you can later think about how you are going to paint the cabinets. There are several techniques you would like to try. Each of them would surely serve you with different effects seen on the cabinets once the whole process done.

Glaze technique is your first option. This would require you to have a glaze look of the cabinets by having a glaze mixture to brush or paint on the cabinets until you got the perfect color. It may take your time until you have the right shade of white.

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Later, you can also choose to have distressed technique which would give the cabinets a shabby but cool look. Yes, you are going to need some tools such as forks and keys to create shabby lines as if the cabinets are pretty worn out. But be careful while doing this process for you surely do not want to damage the wood badly.

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