Paint It Blue: Combining Colour Ideas for your Simple Kitchen with Blue Cabinets

By | May 25, 2022

Blue is one of the most favourable colours to paint in the house. The impression of calmness which the colour blue shows makes this colour applicable for most of all things. Blue has more than one gradation such as navy, light, cyan, and dark blue. All of those gradations are impressive to be put as the main colour in your house. This article mainly discusses about the application of the blue colour for a specific part of your house; that is kitchen.

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Yes, kitchen is an important part of your house. Kitchen with appropriate blue combination will look good and attractive if you can mix and match colour combination in the whole room. Moreover, you need to pay attention on the colour of your cabinets since cabinets are main things in the kitchen. Here are some tips for combining colours for your kitchen based on the colour of your cabinets:

1. Dark Blue Cabinets. If you want to have your cabinet painted dark blue, you’d better paint the wall in the light colour. You can apply light blue which the gradation is close to the white colour as the colour of your wall. It is applicable if your cabinets dominate your kitchen; meaning to say that your cabinets are the biggest things put inside the room. Painting the cabinets in all dark blue is a good option. You don’t need to combine with other colours for your cabinets if you want the impression of elegance.

2. Light Blue Cabinets. Unlike the combination for dark blue cabinets, light blue cabinets are best combined with either lighter or darker colour. You can paint your wall in white or dark blue to be combined with your light blue cabinets. If your kitchen is full of cabinets, this light blue will dominate your kitchen. A touch of little dark blue or white on a little piece of the wall will be a good combination.

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3. Indigo Blue Cabinets. The colour of indigo blue is best combined with white scratch. You can combine the major colour of the cabinets with scratch motif on the surface of the cabinets. However, the motif shouldn’t be too much. The wall colour for these cabinets can be white or cream colours.

Mixing and matching the colours for your blue kitchen cabinets are easy. One thing that you have to consider is that the combination shouldn’t be overwhelmed or too contrast. Never combine blue with other bright colour such as orange or red.

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