Oval Coffee Tables and Other Tables in Correct Size for L-Shaped Sectional Sofa

Having an L-shaped sectional sofa sometimes makes you confused about the best coffee table to choose. Applying a coffee table can improve the convenience and comfort, since the end tables of the sectional are far apart. Yet, the shape and size of the table can be chosen based on your preference, as how you can choose the style.

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Rectangular Coffee Table

You should remember a few points before choosing the conventional rectangular table to be installed with your L-shaped sectional sofa. First, make sure that all seating space can be used and you can walk behind the table’s length. You need at least 18 inches of opened space between the sectional’s front and the table. The longest rectangular table is usually up to 50 inches, but you shouldn’t choose a table in the same length with the seating area.

Oval Coffee Table

Oval coffee tables are good option since it provides easier movement on the area between the sofa and table. The length of oval table is commonly between 39 – 52 inches, you can choose one with the best length so it will not block the sectional seating area. Coordinate the style of the coffee table since this kind of table is available both in modern and traditional design. If you have the space, you can add one of two end tables to the sectional sofa.

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Round Coffee Table

A round coffee table can create stylish look if you place it in the L-shaped sectional’s corner. Yet, the table will be easily accessible for those who seat close to the corner. The round table will make you see that the end tables will work much better than coffee tables in other shapes. There are many sizes that can be chosen about round coffee tables. If you have large space inside the room, you can choose larger round table so it can accommodate everyone who sits on the sectional sofa.

After comparing every shape of the coffee table, oval coffee tables can be the best shape to choose for sectional sofa in L shape. This type of table has longer shape than round table so that it reaches the sectional ends much father. The width of the table is smaller than a round table so it will not take to large area inside the room. As written above, the round ends of the table make easier movement for the people who sit on the sectional L-shaped sofa.

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