Out of the Box Corner Wall Shelves

Corner wall shelves become the best idea to be a filler for your corner wall. There are many ways to make your home decoration look more beautiful. One of them is to fill up some empty spot with some out of the box decoration. However, you cannot randomly put some decorations to your empty spot. It should have some functions as well. Thus, your home decoration will look more efficient.

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In this article, the writer suggests to apply corner wall shelves to decorate your empty corner. The decoration does not only add some vibes, but also function as an additional storage for your home. This article will suggest you some out of the box corner wall shelves ideas so that you can have some reference to bring such decoration to your home.

Rustic Corner Shelves

People usually produce some waste when they work with wooden board. It is often that the wooden board waste is just unused. In fact, with some creativity, you can change those waste to be corner shelves. It is very easy to make such stunning DIY furniture actually. First, you need to collect the wooden board waste.

Afterwards, use your creativity to arrange them to be a very unique corner shelf. It is okay to have such abstract shape. However, you need to fit the shelf with your corner. The last step is to polish the shelf so that it looks shiny and shows its natural rustic color. This corner shelf is not mounted to the wall, so that it is movable. You can also add wheels to the corner shelf to ease you when it is moved.

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Wall-mounted Corner Shelves

Your DIY corner shelves depend on your creativity. You do not have to build a complex design, what you need to do is just to use all materials you have to fill up the emptiness on your corner. That is why the shape of your corner shelves can be varied. In this idea, the writer suggests a wall-mounted corner shelf. The idea is very simple. You just need to collect some unused board waste. Afterwards, arrange them on your corner according to your creativity.

Besides, you can also consider some items you will put on your corner shelf. You can just make a corner shelf based on the space you need to keep your items. However, you need to make sure that your corner shelf should not look too crowded. It is just does not look interesting visually If it is too crowded. In short, always consider aesthetic sight for your corner wall shelves.

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