Open Kitchen Design: Why You Need It and How to Style It

Ever since 1990s, the idea of an open kitchen design has been continuing to be famous. The research by American Institute of Architects even stated in 2006 that the open design which integrate the kitchen with informal living space remains popular up until now. The questions linger in our mind, what is so good about this design? How can it be so popular? What should we décor it with? Now, let’s unravel the answer.

Fantastic Open Kitchen Design Ideas Using Pendant Lighting and Cabinet

The advantages of opting for an open kitchen design

With an integrated design of the kitchen with the living room, it will be easy to keep our family member keep in touch. While we preparing the meal we can keep the communication flows with those who are doing some activities like watching TV or reading in the living room.

When you are inviting special guests to your house, the open kitchen will work the best in facilitating the conversations between the home cooks and the guests.

When you are having an open kitchen design, it means you have to eliminate the walls or any separators. The good thing is that you can let more natural daylight into the room.

For considerably small-sized house, having an open kitchen is such a wise option. It can enhance a sense of volume to the tiny space available, making your home less claustrophobic.

Frantic Cabinet and Chairs also Pendant Lighting for Open Kitchen Design

Incorporating Open Kitchen Design

Now that we have the reason to have an open kitchen, we should explore some design ideas to make it looks great. Some of the options, such as:

One wall open kitchen

Having floor-to ceiling cabinets and appliances in only a single wall while letting the Kitchen Island hosts the sink in order to maintain the triangle compact and allow additional storage. The Kitchen Island’s seating can be used by the family and friends to keep in touch without disturbing the way.

Corner Open Kitchen for Small Spaces

If you have small spaces, the corner open kitchen design can be your option. Here you don’t need to have a long section of space to bring up open layout. Instead, you can connect the kitchen with the dining area which covers around the corner into the living room.

Ornate Details for Open Kitchen

If you want to be total in integrating your open kitchen with the family room, it is important to incorporate the styles as well. One of the ideas is by having ornate French detailing fluids from the Kitchen Island straight to the fireplace and to the banquette.

Cheap Interior For Open Kitchen Design Using Cabinet and Chandelier

Great Furniture For Open Kitchen Design With Cabinet and Charming Chairs

Opulent Open Kitchen Design Using Nice Dining Table Set and Chandelier

Pleasing Interior Kitchen With Bar Table and Chair under Chandelier

Radiant Open Kitchen and Living Space Using awesome Furniture Decor

Ravishing Pendant Lighting and Modern Cabinet To Decorate Kitchen

Sumptuous Cabinet and Lighting Fixture plus Chair To Decorate Kitchen

Taking Cabinet and Set of Dining Table to Decorate Open Kitchen

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