One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

By | May 31, 2022

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans – Why waste money on rent when you can build your own house? Small or tiny house plans with construction costs, clear step-by-step construction instructions and a pair of hands can make your dream come true!

We’ve put together a list of the cheapest cabins and tiny houses you can build yourself (in some cases with a couple of friends).

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Most importantly, these tiny house plans with construction costs are from the team of professional architects and designers from EU “Pin-Up House”.

Tiny House Ideas You’ll Love

It is worth noting that all construction estimates are based on actual construction costs. Yes, in fact, most models are built by hand! Keep in mind that building permits and material costs may vary by state (local building restrictions and requirements, as well as building material costs).

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Get Home Plans for $690.00 (Estimated DIY Costs $32,300 to Build a 327 Sq. Ft. Stella Tiny House)

Why would one ever consider building a small round house? What would be the advantages of such a floor plan?

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Room House Plans

I immediately think of the nomadic dwellings called yurts – the portable but robust round homes of ancient people.

First of all, the round shape of the yurts was extremely practical. Yurts can withstand strong winds from any direction better than any rectangular tent. They require less building material for the same square meter and are more economical to heat or cool. To learn more about new remarkable wooden yurt sets, read this post.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Second, lightweight construction materials allow for quick assembly, disassembly, and transportation. The central fireplace ensures uniform heating of the entire interior.

Single Story 1 Bedroom Rustic Style The Dwight Cabin With Wraparound Porch (floor Plan)

Of course, the tiny “Stella” house was not designed for frequent nomadic moves. A very nice feature is the central skylight. For people living in windy regions, this one-story house plan can be a good solution.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

With a total floor area of ​​498 square feet, this cabin feels like a much larger duplex. The central area serves as an open kitchen-living room combination with plenty of light and space.

Note that the proposed exterior wall cladding with vertical cladding is somewhat questionable. In wet areas, horizontally overlapping boards provide slightly more moisture protection.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

V 513| Bungalow Floor Plan, Modern One Story House Plan, Custom 2 Bedroom + 2 Bathroom, Simple Blue Print Tiny Home Ranch

A nice spacious 199 square meter loft is a very nice bonus. The porch can be extended across the entire width of the house. A half bath can also be added to the 2nd level.

These Campground one room cabin plans are as simple as they come. Can you sacrifice part of the porch to make it a bathroom?

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

In fact, it would be more logical to extend the back wall by another 3.5-4 meters and make a bathroom door instead of the window. Most of us prefer to have a window on the wall behind the sink anyway.

What You Need To Know About Tiny Vs. Small House Plans

If you decide to move the back wall 4 feet, you increase the space from the original 155 square feet to 210 square feet. Oh no! This increases the budget!

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Well, add 25% to $5,500 (the original DIY cost to build) and you get a new building budget of $6,875. Don’t forget that you will need a composting toilet for about $2,000.

This 410 sq. ft. 2-story tiny house design is perfect for small and tight lots. The front facade, with its rustic appearance, is reminiscent of European medieval towers. The inner staircase is steep, like the bell tower of Notre Dame Cathedral, but at least it’s not spiral!

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Ikea Is Now Making Tiny Houses

Of course, there are things that could improve the proposed concept of this two-story small house. If you like the general idea, contact the designer and give your feedback.

This compact, one-story, small house plan, “Mila,” is designed for two people. It can serve as a perfect country house plan for seniors with reasonable DIY construction costs.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

The porch is quite small but can be extended and wrapped around the left hand wall if you like to take evening tea outside and watch the sunset.

Small House Plans

Complete set of floor plans $390.00 (estimated DIY cost $19,200)

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

If you like shingle roofs and curved lines like parabolas, this retractable tiny house is for you!

Home plans that are only 14 feet wide can definitely be a good option for owners of narrow lots with a limited construction budget. The attic provides lots of storage space.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Agate Tiny House Micro Maison Pour 2

The parabolic cross-section provides additional structural strength to the roof. In the event of extreme snowfall or volcanic ash, this roof can support much more weight than a conventional roof.

Complete set of floor plans $190.00 (estimated DIY cost $11,500)

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Is it a tiny house or a cabin? It sure looks like a cabin, but it has all the indoor amenities so you don’t have to fight raccoons with your flashlight on your way to the outhouse in the middle of the night. Only 247 square meters.

Traditional Style House Plan

With a fairly low construction cost, this tiny home plan is one of our favorites. Some people say that folding and unfolding the bed and table every single day can be annoying.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

How about moving the bed to where the current storage is? The front door can switch places with the window on the front wall, and now suddenly we have space for both things unfolded.

This tiny log house plan was originally designed as an alternative to other minimalist designs such as shipping containers. It is also designed to secure bolts on the ground to prevent water build-up and excess humidity.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Four Bedroom Single Story Tiny House Plan

The design allows for the easy installation of other ecological solutions, such as solar collectors, for example to store electricity or a water-saving tank.

Complete set of floor plans $529.00 (estimated DIY cost to build a tiny house $41,500)

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Living in a metal box isn’t usually what most of us dream of, but the trend is still here and some architects come up with some floor plans like this from time to time. These two 20-foot shipping container tiny house plans boldly depict your future abode as a patio surrounded by a few standard shipping containers.

Awesome Small And Tiny Home Plans For Low Diy Budget

The total area of ​​504 square meters is 20% more than the usual listings for a small house, so don’t expect to avoid paying property taxes (US).

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Adding larger windows and sliding doors would be an obvious solution for natural light lovers. On the other hand, double-glazed windows and doors can significantly increase the construction cost.

Container homes today come in many flavors and are often more expensive than traditional ones.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny Houses With Free Or Cheap Plans

Complete set of floor plans $290.00 (estimated DIY cost $25,500)

For some reason, this 40-foot shipping container house looks less “container-like” than the previous one. Maybe because of the lighter wall colors and the large sliding doors?

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

In any case, with a total floor area of ​​581 square meters, it beats the previous two-container house in terms of construction costs and admissions.

Airbee Tiny Home Is Designed To Save You Money And Earn You Extra Income At The Same Time

Plenty of natural light makes life more enjoyable in this container home. With this kind of light, you can even start painting or drawing instead of staring at the TV or computer.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Container homes like these are the easiest to build, with more and more container dealers offering affordable conversion services in case your local welder costs you an arm and a leg.

Complete set of floor plans $390.00 (estimated DIY cost $22,700)

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny House Ottawa_senators Place Floor Plan

This is a very cute cabin with a loft, kitchen, bathroom and porch. There are even gutters! The plan is pretty basic.

If you think only one person can enjoy this 264 square meter house, go to Japan and check out their standard apartments or capsule hostels!

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Complete set of floor plans $690.00 (estimated DIY cost $29,300)

Carriage House Plans

Yes, you can definitely fit a family of 3 in this tiny home! For couples without children, the second bedroom can be used as an office or wardrobe.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

The design of this tiny home gives off a relaxing country feel – you’ll immediately start imagining the flower beds around it and a bunch of blooming fruit trees on the front porch.

Complete set of floor plans $490.00 (estimated DIY cost $27,500)

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Tiny House Floor Plan Idea

With its dark brown cladding and gloomy architecture, this 573 square meter wooden house is reminiscent of historic buildings. Imagine a stream with a water mill under the raised section and a willow tree – this could be a perfect project for Airbnb.

Of course, you can paint the walls much lighter colors and make the windows bigger. The attic provides a perfect place to sleep for children. The central block creates a stunning open space for the whole family.

One Story Tiny House Floor Plans

Overall, it’s a lively plan with lots of tweaks. For example, why not move the bathroom to the side where the

The Eagle 1: A 350 Sq. Ft. 2 Story Steel Framed Micro Home

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