Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

By | January 30, 2023

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans – Building a new home is a great opportunity to build your dream home. However, the type of house to be built depends on various factors. If you dream of your home in an urban setting, the lot size offers a big impact on your design. This is due to the fact that urban spaces have already been well developed, so most of the lots have narrow facades. No problem. A plan like this plan of a tight lot home will suit you to stand out.

Space limits are common patterns of urban life, while townhouses have proven to be identical to this lifestyle. In fact, most of the housing projects in tight lots have affected even those without space constraints. Some advantages of a narrow lot house floor plan are: open floor layout, creative and innovative design possibilities and environmentally friendly.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

The characteristic house will be built on a plot of size 9.00 meters in front and 20.03 meters on the side. With a total area of ​​216.27 sq m, the usable building space has an area of ​​176.00 sq m which features an open floor plan with three bedrooms and outdoors. Thanks to the rectangular shape, it is possible to generate an intelligent and creative layout that supports green building and a healthy life.

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This narrow-lot floor plan with an efficient and intelligent design houses an army of elements such as: open porch, foyer, family room, living room / media room, dining room, island kitchen and snack bar, three bedrooms, two bathrooms , outdoor, laundry and two car garage. The living spaces are arranged in a centralized environment that offers a high level of accessibility between the rooms. Overall, the layout is a mix of welcoming ambiance for the living spaces, while the sleeping area enjoys a private design.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

This modern narrow-lot house plan looks very elegant and sophisticated on the outside; while integrated with unique interior concepts. The positioning of the living spaces in the central part next to the open offers a clever design. As a result, the environment simply makes this house a comfortable home to live in. This residential home is perfect for an average sized family of 4-6 members.

In addition, this floor of a one-story house allows you to enjoy the lifestyle to the fullest. The living space gets lots of fresh air and natural light from the outdoors; hence, promoting a healthy life. Likewise, large glass windows do the same in keeping the master suite and media center comfortable, ventilating with natural air and light. The house offers a distinct style and functionality.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

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The external facade is elegant with external walls with a mineral casing finish in cream tones; and square columns along the portico. The highlights of this narrow-lot house plan are the main entrance door and the horizontal glass window facades with brown aluminum frames. They are aesthetically magnificent and offer high transparency within the building. In addition, the structure is ensured by a hipped roof with G.I. colorbond metal slabs and gutters and fascia which make the home more attractive.

A dazzling garden and landscape complement the elegant design of the exterior facade; which enhances the concept of green life. Likewise, the outdoor space will be a perfect space for entertaining friends and guests. Indeed, the front space looks very welcoming as it is both lovely and cool at the same time.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

This overwhelming narrow plot of lots with a 9.0 meter facade is reasonably designed to offer a very functional home. An open porch serves as a perfect welcome to the house which leads to the main door where an atrium awaits. It has two separate living areas, the living area on the right, while the other side corresponds to the sleeping area. The open-plan living space consists of a large sunlit family room, a modern island kitchen with snack bar, dining room and media center.

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The open space next to the family room serves as a good medium to provide fresh air and light to ventilate the interior. Flows freely in the living room and dining room, the well-equipped kitchen remains in the center. A snack bar with bench is nearby to offer quick and easy meal service to the family.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

The left side instead houses the sleeping area consisting of three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bedroom occupies the front left corner, while the secondary bedrooms live next to each other in the other corner. The master suite has a spacious walk-in closet and a full bathroom. On the other hand, the other bedrooms also have individual walk-in wardrobes but share a common bathroom located between them. The laundry room is available next to one of the bedrooms and the garage.

The project houses a convenient multimedia center in the right corner, functional for entertainment and other family activities. The plan is completed with a double garage positioned at the rear of the house for entry into the rear lane.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

Narrow Lot Houses: How To Get The Most Out Of A Narrow Lot

Overall, this modern tight lot plant is carefully designed to offer everything a busy family needs. BRILLIANT A NEW LIGHT ON COMPACT LIFE. This little house is a study of expansiveness: a compact house plan that doesn’t strain contentment. Typically, long, narrow houses are dark in the center. This can be especially true on the upper floors, where bedrooms are pushed to the outer ends, resulting in rooms that are usually too small and impractical. Not so, with our modern floor plan no. 12. In this house, natural light abounds with the addition of a courtyard that illuminates the house deeply. And if that’s not enough, there’s also a rooftop patio.

Open and flexible, this modern design home supports a spontaneous city lifestyle. With a small floor plan that is remarkably modular, it can accommodate anywhere from two to seven bedrooms. Spaces can be used for a myriad of purposes and can change as life does. Also, this home design could be used to make a duplex, if two floors were mirrored one behind the other. Alternatively, it would make a great two-story house if you are looking for a smaller “semi-detached” dwelling.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

Large bedroom | Large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the front or rear courtyard | Five-piece bathroom with courtyard view | Walk-in closet or integrated wardrobe options |

Narrow Lot Modern House Plan

Large secondary rooms | Large floor to ceiling windows | Private or shared bathroom options | Generous wardrobes

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

The most common challenge with narrow home designs is that only the front and back rooms are lit during the day, while the interior spaces are almost left in the dark. Incorporating an entrance courtyard into this compact floor plan overturns this preconception, allowing for multiple lifestyle benefits that simply aren’t available in traditional tight-lot homes.

With this new light, your typical front living room or dining room can now be moved to the center of the house, still with plenty of natural light, but now with a more intimate and private setting that opens onto the courtyard. This allows for a true entrance that works as it should. Instead of greeting visitors right in your living room or dining room, you can now have the space and parting to greet and control your visitors’ access to the home, with double the normal closet space.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

Narrow Lot House Designs

The living room, dining room and kitchen are generously proportioned, with the right balance between connectivity, privacy and fluidity of movement. Open the floor-to-ceiling doors to expand these rooms to the back deck or courtyard.

The kitchen layout extends into the dining room, with an unusual amount of storage space for this compact plant type. With room for a large family style table, this floor offers ample space for entertaining. You’ll have plenty of room for multiple people to work without colliding, and everyday tasks like setting the table will be easy, with everything close at hand.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

The upper floors also take advantage of the opportunities offered by the courtyard. Not only do the front and rear bedrooms have more windows. Now, nearly all rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that let in daylight and offer views. Also, you can now have bedrooms in the center of the floor plan (where with typical narrow floor plans, that’s not possible). The result is a modern design that doesn’t feel the need to cram everything in, but rather contains bright, generous spaces, which can breathe, while still having all the amenities on your wish list – such as fully furnished private bathrooms, an office a home, a fitness room or a private rooftop terrace.

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The third floor also maximizes the benefits of the inner courtyard. There is a level of openness that allows you to freely program the flexible floor plan. Whether it’s a home office, fitness room, art studio, bedroom or family room, flexibility and convenience are aligned.

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

This is our most flexible floor plan with many housing options to support the diverse needs of any family. Choose to have all bedrooms on the second floor, freeing up the third floor for a home office, gym or study. Conversely, you could move the bedrooms to the third floor, so that the semi-common areas are closer to the main floor. We offer custom modifications to make the changes and your dream home a reality.

Our plans come with everything

Narrow Lot Modern House Plans

Waterfront View Home On Narrow Lot Maintains Privacy

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