Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

By | November 9, 2022

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans – A tall skinny house can get lost along the row, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem with these ideas for narrow facades. By implementing a selection of innovative planting ideas to create vertical gardens, some beautiful shading and modern shutters, these narrow family homes stand out from the rest of the street. This collection also has a number of architectural features such as asymmetrical roof lines, modern cladding and unique shaped windows. A small lot in the middle of town can even have an indoor garage, tucked into a small ground floor plan, providing coveted off-road parking.

Our first narrow home looks less like a house than a wall of outdoor planters. Plants peek out from each level as the eye ascends.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Spaced vertical planks provide modern shading on this tall house exterior. The lengths reach up to the sky to make the building appear even taller. The screen also creates a staggered effect between neighboring houses, which have one lower and one higher roof height.

Cutom Built Luxury Luxury Three Storey Home Como

An external parking space has been achieved here by raising the entrance floor, which is accessed by an external staircase to the front door.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Squares are punched out of the sloping concrete facade to create peepholes for lush planting and warm flashes of light.

This amazing geometric structure is the exterior of a tiny house that we previously covered here. An impossible-looking cutout in the base provides a cheeky little parking spot.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Modern Single House Plan For A Narrow Lot With Attached Two Car Garage

The faces project and taper to create an inviting exterior for the home. Decorative concrete blocks form an attractive, light perforated tree backdrop on the first floor.

Another stunning tree installation on the first floor, this time with a towering wooden slatted backdrop that reaches up to the roofline where a skylight lets in the sunlight.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Cascading plants cascade like emerald waterfalls from two balconies. The artificial pitched roof creates a sweet silhouette against the sky.

Contemporary House Plans

Aqua blue shutters clash with the all-white exterior, which is perforated to allow moments of greenery to pop through.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

A patterned glass canopy extends over the second floor balcony. The ground floor is reserved for a two-car garage.

This small lot lacks spare attic space for a garden, so a roof garden crowns the top.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Classical Style House Plan

Tall shutters provide privacy to the large windows. Decorative concrete bricks protect outdoor living spaces from prying eyes.

The towering, timber-clad volume is sloped inwards towards the tall house; a tree grows from its top. Above the tree, a part of the shelter has been left out to allow the branches to grow.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

This home is cantilevered over the driveway. A series of external lights are fixed under the overhead compartment to illuminate oncoming cars brightly.

Custom Micro Luxury Home On A Narrow Lot In Toronto

This roof garden is framed as a living shadow box, at the very top of an impossibly towering stack. The tallest trees protrude from the ceiling cutout, reaching up to the sun and catching the first drops of rain from the clouds. Another mature tree is located in the lower frame, with branches visible to the windows on two levels.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

These day and night views of the same narrow house design show how shutters can be drawn to reveal hidden living spaces where they glow like a library of light boxes.

Metal garage doors, shutters, and screens color this home’s exterior. Modest planting draws attention to the asymmetrical roof line.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Kingsbury Narrow Lot Home Plan 055d 0280

A black border surrounds this small house, cutting through the blue sky in a sharp slope. Black exterior elements are complemented by pure white moldings for high dramatic contrast. A spray of bright pink flowers fizzes right across the center of the monochromatic facade.

Royal blue painted stripes around the center section of this narrow exterior. A huge shading element was created to lightly cover the upper levels, created by installing white rods of varying lengths in a repeating pattern. Branches protrude through the opening in the asymmetrically curved roof.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Square concrete blocks with open centers make up almost the entire half of this house; plants grow through missing centers. The lower balcony is lined with wooden planks for contrast.

How To Search For Online Stock House Plans

With warm lighting shining through the perforated walls and bright outdoor lighting bathing the outside, this golden house appears positively rare. We’ve covered this gorgeous home with an interior garden atrium in detail before.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

This unique instrument panel has symbols punched out of the walls and shutters. At night, an internal light illuminates the symbols.

A cantilevered section extends this house’s arm into the world with a tree cradled in its upturned palm.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Hitech House :: Modern Two Story House Plan With An Attached Garage For Narrow Lot

When lit from within, the shaped concrete blocks form the flat face of this house like a luminous wallpaper. Climbing plants grow on the inner surface of the wood paneling around the wall and provide a healthy green view to most home windows.

This house is a series of interlocking boxes, defined by white concrete and dark stained exterior wood cladding. LED stair lights warmly and safely indicate access to the front door at night.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

The green bushes are held at treetop height in two engineered concrete planters that span the entire width of the building so as not to disturb the line of greenery that runs along the street.

Shipping Container House Design Floor Plans For A Narrow Lot Unboxed 1280

A spruce juts from the top of this tall house like a feather in its cap. Huge windows flood the interior with natural light.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

A glass balcony balustrade ensures that the expansive central window of this narrow domestic living room loses none of the view or sunlight.

Decorative wooden doors make a big statement at street level. Wooden slats draw attention all the way up around the central balcony and finally to the roof garden.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Narrow And Long House Plan Adapted For Beautiful Ergonomic Interiors

Modern gates welcome guests to this tower-like building. A vertical strip of wood paneling stretches up one side of the facade.

A subtle look is achieved with this lace patterned block despite its particular makeup. Interesting moments cross the facade in a diagonal line, first as a picture window, then in the form of two architecturally framed flower pots.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Another digitized face style. This time all the square viewports are the same size except for one isolated picture window. The roof is cut away at the front to accommodate a roof garden with trees.

Narrow Lot Home Plans And Floor Plans

Greenery spills through these square windows. The cantilevered upper volume of this house rests against a thin brick wall and looks as if its massive weight could pull the whole thing down.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

The textured white part adds interest to the center of the dark volume; wooden paneling of the cross below, matching the look of a modern house number plate.

This unique front door design has a wooden insert in the shape of the letter “V”. In keeping with the width of the front entrance with double doors, a walled garden grows to the height of the ground floor, which blooms directly on the front street.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Narrow Lot Single Storey House Plans & Designs

Colorful painted shutters completely engulf the front of this skinny tall house. Some shutters can be opened to reveal window openings, others are purely cosmetic.

This brick tall house has double windows over one corner. The double-slanted cutouts make the brickwork appear like a capital “E” on the front.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

A super-slim window climbs the entire height of this skinny home, offering a top-to-bottom view of the staircase. The living room is bright with a full view of the driveway.

Luxury Home Plan With 5 Bedrooms, 5 Bathrooms, Patio. Narrow Lot Home Plan Tjb #612 Rachel By Tjb Homes

This modern home’s picture windows are custom-designed that jut out from the flat masonry as if they were picture frames hanging on a gallery wall.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

If all these houses still aren’t skinny enough for you, check out the World’s Narrowest House above.

Share it on any of the social media channels below and give us your vote. Your feedback helps us improve. Anvard won the 2017 BIA Pinnacle Award for Best Product Design – Single Family – $1,000,000 – $1,499,999. See all our home design awards.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

Luxury Narrow Lot European Style House Plan 8791

Anvard is a luxury villa, designed with a narrow lot in mind. This amazing Mediterranean home plan offers 2,779 square feet of living space, three bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The home’s exterior features small details such as corbels and cast stone accents at the entry. Concrete barrel roof tiles complete the design.

An open floor plan awaits inside Anvard. The interior is clean, fresh and modern. A front portico leads into a long foyer. Behind the foyer is a large and pleasant living area. The spacious kitchen is a chef’s dream, complete with a center island, pantry and separate wet bar. The kitchen island overlooks the dining room and great room. This entire area has an intricately beautiful beamed ceiling.

Narrow Lot Luxury House Plans

The house’s two-car garage leads to the hall. Off the corridor is a spacious technical room, a toilet for visitors and one of the apartments for guests. To the right of the hall of the house is the third guest bedroom, which can also be used as an office or home

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