Movable Kitchen Island: New For You

By | December 23, 2021

Do you know movable kitchen island? Some say in other alternative way of saying that it is called as Center Island. So what is it?

Choose Wooden Stools and White Movable Kitchen Island on Artistic Carpet near Green Painted Wall

If you search on the internet, you type the words: movable kitchen island, you will see lots of pictures of table – like that has rectangular shape with four wheels.

Yes, that is Center Island. Why is it called movable? Because it can move to another area by rolling the wheel. It is quite interesting, isn’t it?

For the traditional movable kitchen island, you will see that the materials are from wood only. The Center Island consists of a countertop, drawers in some different sizes and models, then the sides also can be used too.

The sides of the Center Island usually are for putting big or long appliances or bottles. The smaller the Center Island is, the more space you will have in the kitchen.

However, there is a disadvantage as smaller the Center Island you have. It is related to the place for preparing for the cooking. But if you have other cabinets, all is solved nicely.

The Modern

If you are asking about the modern Center Island, of course, there are some differences. For example, from the materials.

If we compare to the traditional one that uses wood materials only, it is different from the modern type. It is because the modern movable kitchen island uses mix materials of steel, wood, ceramic and other aerodynamic materials.

The shape or the design is also different. By seeing the pictures, you can mention directly which one is the modern type of the Center Island.

Complete Traditional Kitchen with Oak Movable Kitchen Island using Grey Top and Lower Shelves on Hardwood Flooring

The design of the modern can be:

– Countertop + 3 drawers on one side only. The sides can’t save or keep the bottles like the traditional type

– Thin countertop + no drawers + 1 movable small push cart for keeping the spices or clean pots

– Quite big rectangle wood countertop + 2 drawers in the same level below the countertop + 2 levels of shelves at the bottom for keeping the bowls, pots, and plates.

– Wood countertop + full steel shelves and drawers. It rather too metallic in the house.

– Ceramic countertop + one long drawer below the countertop + open shelf below the drawer + two drawers in the same level at the bottom.

– Ceramic countertop + one big side of drawer along the right side + four open shelves on the right.

– Brown ceramic countertop + four vertical drawers. The drawers can keep bottles, jars, and other small appliances.

Cozy Stools in Stunning Movable Kitchen Island with Dark Top and Small Wheels on Hardwood Flooring

Grey Movable Kitchen Island with Small Drawers and Wine Rack on Laminate Oak Flooring

Innovative Kitchen Design Completed with Long Counter and Stunning Movable Kitchen Island on Laminate Oak Flooring

Interesting Wine Racks and Drawers in Dark Movable Kitchen Island with Grey Granite Top

Rustic Wooden Movable Kitchen Island Placed in Traditional Kitchen with White Counter and Hardwood Flooring

Use Grey Granite Top on Classic Movable Kitchen Island inside Wide Room with Laminate Teak Flooring

Wide White Movable Kitchen Island Completing Fascinating Kitchen with Long Counter and Appealing Wooden Flooring

Add White Movable Kitchen Island with Small Drawers and Wooden Top on Laminate Flooring

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