Mother Law Suite House Plans

By | March 22, 2022

Mother Law Suite House Plans – Overall, our population is living longer and healthier in our twilight years. As a result, many adults and families are bringing in elderly parents to live in their home. If you have parents living with you, in-law suites are a great option to add to your home. They allow for the comfort of being close to the person but provide enough privacy that everyone can have their own space. Our collection of in-law suites offers many options for those considering bringing parents home.

If you find the exact plan on a competitor’s website for a lower price, advertised or featured at a special sale price, we’ll beat the competitor’s price by just 5%, not just 5% of the total! To take advantage of our guarantee, please call us at 800-482-0464 or email us the website and plan number when you’re ready to order. Our guarantee extends up to 4 weeks after your purchase, so you know you can buy now with confidence.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Mother Law Suite House Plans

At Family Home Plans, we have several house plans with in-law suite options. Different types to consider:

Places To Add An In Law Suite To Your Home

As you search for the perfect house plan with an in-law suite, here are a few things to think about:

Mother Law Suite House Plans

When you work with us, you will discover why we are the leading home plan supplier. Here are some of the things we offer our customers:

Browse our selection of house plans today to start finding your dream home design. Home » Home Life » Home Building » Our Plans for House with Mother in Law Suite

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Mother In Law Suite Design Tips

Finding plans for a house with a mother-in-law suite seemed impossible. Despite searching countless websites, we struggled to find a house plan that worked for us and my mother-in-law.

There are many plans for a mother-in-law to have a one-bedroom. But, there aren’t many that have an entire apartment for a mother-in-law suite. And one room just doesn’t cut it for us.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

When we decided to build a house together, my mother-in-law and I agreed that we needed separate spaces. She is younger than your average parent so our needs are different. She wants her own place like a small house.

S Floor Plans — Providential Custom Homes

So, how do we find the perfect plan? And how can you find a plan that works for you? Today, I’m sharing how we find the perfect plan for a home with a mother-in-law suite.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

First, you may ask what is a tract home builder? People you see building neighborhoods full of houses in your area. Some of them are national companies like Ryan Homes and others are local to just one or two states. I also refer to them as mainstream or cookie cutter builders.

The problem with standard plans from tract home builders is that many don’t have law suits. Most of them have two master suites and they think they will be enough. So what should you do if a small bedroom on the main level just won’t cut it?

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Design A Custom Home With An In Law Suite In 5 Easy Steps

Ask them if you can add. Don’t be afraid to ask, you’d be surprised how many builders are willing to build only certain plans, never mind if you’re adding to the plan. They should have the base house plan as one of their own.

In our experience, two of the mainstream builders we spoke to were willing to let us put in an inlaw suite addition. One of them was also attached earlier in the in law suit. We were surprised that they were both willing to work with us to make a working space. What is the benefit of going with a “mainstream” builder vs. a custom builder? Often they cost less per square foot. (See why we chose not to go with them here).

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Now, we’ve talked to a few more cookie-cutter builders and they don’t put in any extra space other than their standard add-ons. It’s really worth calling some builders who are already building communities and see if they’ll work with you. And if you can do it in their neighborhood, where they’re already building, even better!

Mother In Law Suite Homes For Sale In Fairhope, Daphne, Spanish Fort, And All Of Baldwin County

The next option is to find your own floorplan and take it to your builder. Read more about the custom home building process and when to start looking at floorplans here.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

This is what we did in building our house. So if your builder is asking you for some plans to show what you like, take a look!

There are some great websites with plans you can buy or, in my case, use as inspiration for your own plan. Here are some of my favorite websites for finding house plans.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Mother In Law Suites And Apartments

If you’re like us and you want a home with an in-law suite, when you select an in-law suite during your search, be prepared to often find single bedrooms, basements in in-law suites, or in-law suites. Garage (this won’t work for most families). It may work for many of you! But this is not what we personally wanted.

I’m only showing you two sites because most floorplan websites have a lot of overlap. So don’t waste too much time searching multiple sites to find the same house plans. Do yourself a favor and find a couple you like and stick to them only.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

This is my all-time favorite place for floorplans. Most of their floorplans include pictures of finished homes. I have a folder full of pictures from their finished floorplans as inspiration for our house. If you are looking for an in law suite, their advanced search allows you to select an in law suite. They actually have a ranch plan with an in-law suite that I love, but it’s too spacious for our space and it still needs a little remodeling.

Homes With Mother In Law Suites

EPlans are a great option for home plans. As with Architectural Designs, it has an option for advanced search and you can select in Law Suite. But, like most floorplans, this meant only one bedroom.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

This is the way we went and for many people building a house with a mother in law suite is ideal. Our home builder worked with us to create a custom home plan. They asked us to find some house plans as inspiration, and then they used one of our plans as a starting point to create a custom home for us.

Some builders will sit down, take all of your ideas, and then draw a plan (or two) for you to choose from. Others use a plan like ours as a starting point. Regardless of the method used by the builder, make sure it works for you and you get what you want.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Spacious Traditional Family Home With In Law Suite

Like most people I am a people pleaser. This means I have a hard time standing up for myself. And home design is no different. My husband had to keep reminding me to voice my opinion and speak up so I got exactly what I wanted. So what are our desires as we watch?

So, after a lot of back and forth with our builders, my husband, my mother-in-law and myself, here is our final plan for a house with a mother-in-law suite. For the pictures, I took all measurements to protect the design from our builders. All plans are copyright of Castle Rock Builders and use of the plans is prohibited .If you are interested in the plans, contact me and I will introduce you to our builder.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

I have described the mother-in-law suit to help distinguish between the two sides. Our mudroom area gets cubby-style or locker-style built-ins once we move in. And yes, it’s a long run of cabinets in our kitchen and morning room. We’re not sure about our appliances (double wall ovens vs. gigantic range) so our kitchen plan isn’t definitive yet.

Modern House Plans Contemporary Home Designs Floor Plan 05

Creating your own plan, while exciting, can be overwhelming. Be sure to look at different plans and pictures of homes first for inspiration. Go to open houses and model homes and discuss what you like and don’t like about the house.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Cutting out magazine clippings, saving images from Pinterest or Instagram, etc. One builder we talked to creates a Pinterest group board where you can pin your design inspiration photos to use as inspiration for your design (how awesome is that? ?).

If you’re doing a big job like building a custom home, make sure you’re getting what you want. This is not a process you want to rush through – the last thing you want is to regret that you didn’t take more time to create plans that work best for your family.

Mother Law Suite House Plans

Mother In Law Quarters Apartment Style House Plans

Thank you! We are

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