Mother In Law House Plans

By | June 17, 2022

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I found it impossible to find house plans with my mother-in-law. After searching countless websites, we struggled to find a house plan that suited my mother-in-law and me.

Mother In Law House Plans

Mother In Law House Plans

There are many plans for a one-bedroom for a mother-in-law. But there are not many people who have an entire apartment for their mother-in-law. One room just doesn’t cut it for us.

Custom Floor Plans

When we decided to build a house together, my mother-in-law and I agreed that we needed separate land. He’s younger than your average parent moving into his in-laws room, so our needs are different. He wants his own space, like a little house.

Mother In Law House Plans

So how did we find the perfect plan? How to find the right plan for you? Today I’m sharing how to find the perfect house plan with my mother-in-law.

First, what is a home builder you may ask? They are the people who build the neighborhoods full of houses in your area. Some of them are national companies, such as Ryan Homes, while others are more local than a state or two. I also call them basic or cookie cutter.

Mother In Law House Plans

Craftsman Style House Plan

The problem with standard home builder plans is that most of them are not included in the legal kit. Many of them will have two master suites, which they believe is sufficient. If a small bedroom on the main floor just won’t cut it, what should you do?

Ask them if you can add more. Don’t be afraid to ask, you’d be surprised how many builders only build specific plans, don’t be offended if you’re adding to the plan. They only require the main house plan to have its own plan.

Mother In Law House Plans

In our experience, the two primary builders we spoke with were open to us adding a legal kit. One of them was even added to the legal suite earlier. We were surprised that they were both willing to create a space where we could work together. What are the benefits of working with a custom builder versus a “primary” builder? Often the price per square meter is low. (see why we decided not to go with them).

Cottage Style House Plan

Now, we’ve talked to several cookie cutter manufacturers and they won’t put any additional spacers other than the standard ones. It’s definitely worth calling some of the builders you’re partnering with to see if they’ll work with you. If you can do it in their neighborhood, they’re already building it, even better!

Mother In Law House Plans

The next option is to find your own floor plan and take it to your builder. Read more about the custom home building process and when to start floor planning here.

This is what we did when we built our house. So, if your builder wants a plan to show you what you like, look no further!

Mother In Law House Plans

Craftsman House Plan #180 1047: 3 Bedrm, 3314 Sq Ft Home

There are some great websites with plans that you can purchase or, in my case, use as inspiration for your own. Here are some of my favorite websites for finding house plans.

If you’re like us and need a home with an in-law suite, be prepared because your search can often turn up a one-bedroom, in-law suite with walk-in closet and in-law suite. garage (not suitable for multi-family). It might be useful for many of you! But it was not what we wanted.

Mother In Law House Plans

Most floor plan websites overlap a lot, so I’m only showing two sites. So don’t waste time searching multiple sites to find the same house plan. Do yourself a favor and find a couple you like and only be with them.

Portico 2 Story Plan At Ladera Rockwall In Rockwall, Tx By Integrity Group, Llc

This is my favorite part of the floor plan. Most of their floor plans include pictures of the finished home. I have a folder full of pictures of their finished floor plans for inspiration in our home. If you are looking for a legal suite, their advanced search allows you to choose from a range of legal suites. They have a ranch plan with an in-law suite that I really like, but it needed a little readjustment because it was too wide for our area.

Mother In Law House Plans

EPlans is a great home plan option. Like architectural design, it has an advanced search and you can choose from legal packages. But like most floor plans, that means only one bedroom.

This is the route we took, and it works for most people building a house with their mother-in-law. Our home builder worked with us to build a custom home plan. They asked us to find house plans as inspiration, and then they used one of our plans as a starting point to design a custom home for us.

Mother In Law House Plans

Florida House Plan With Wonderful Casita

Some builders will sit down and take all your ideas and then draw a plan (or two) to choose from. Others will use a plan like ours as a starting point. No matter what method the builder uses, make sure it works for you and gets you what you want.

Like many people, I am a people pleaser. It means it’s hard for me to defend myself. And the design of the house was no different. In order to achieve what I wanted, my husband constantly reminded me to express my opinion and speak up. So what were we looking for?

Mother In Law House Plans

So, after a lot of back and forth with our builders, my husband, my mother-in-law, and myself, here are the final plans for the house with my mother-in-law. For the drawing, I took all the measurements to protect the blueprints from the builders. All plans are copyright of Castle Rock Builders and use of plans is prohibited. If you are interested in the plans, please contact me and I will put you in touch with our builder.

House With Mother In Law Suite

To help you differentiate between the two sides, I’ve reviewed the mother-in-law portfolio. As soon as we move in, our mudroom will be installed either square-style or closet-style. Yes, it’s a very long cabinet in our kitchen and breakfast room. We’re not familiar with our appliances (huge range, like a double wall oven), so our kitchen plans aren’t set yet.

Mother In Law House Plans

Developing your own plan is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Check out various plans and house photos for inspiration first. Go to open houses and model homes and talk about what you like and don’t like about your home.

Cut out magazine clippings, save photos from Pinterest or Instagram, and more. One builder we talked to creates a Pinterest group board where you can use all of your design inspiration photos as inspiration for your designs (how cool is that? ?)

Mother In Law House Plans

The In Law Suite: Say Hello To A Home Within The Home

If you’re doing something as big as building a custom home, make sure you’re getting what you want. This is not a process you want to rush, and the last thing you want is to end up in middle school and regret not taking longer to come up with a plan that works best for your family.

Thank you! We are looking for ideas for a large attached apartment for our parents and this really helps… a lot! Our priority is the perfect fit between a separate pantry for parents and a craft room for mom!

Mother In Law House Plans

Can I see pictures of the finished house? Do you think it’s a great savings compared to a separate unit?

House Plan 97695

I enjoy reading all of your posts and this one is no exception! Now that you’ve gone through these steps, you might be able to answer a question I’ve been asking for years. When I look at new homes, especially those built by very organized people, one thing always strikes me……Why does everyone put their bathroom in the wrong place? I know, I can already hear a lot of people thinking – What? Is there a “right” and “wrong” place in the bathroom? It’s in the mud room where it belongs! Maybe. Then again maybe not! Where do people change their clothes during the day? It’s usually closest to the bedroom or bathroom. All bedrooms are located not far from the bathroom, but on another story of the house. So you’ll spend hours of your life carrying clothes and bedding up and down the stairs and through the house. It may not seem like much now, but I imagine it will be hard when you’re in your 60s, 70s, and 80s! I’m sure you had your reasons, and so did I

Mother In Law House Plans

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