Modern Wall Shelves: An Alternative to the Contemporary

By | August 30, 2021

Looking for a modern wall shelves that can look good in your house? Wall shelves are a boon for people who have small houses (like me, of course) because it allows people with small house to store something more in their already tight place. Aside from being a good place to store something, you can also use wall shelves as a place to put your decoration or you can use them as a decoration in itself.

Sublime Room Decor With Fireplace Betwen Wall Mount Book Shelve

After I decided that I could decorate my bare walls a bit more, I go straight to the furniture shop, looking to get myself some of that wall shelves I have been looking for. As I entered the nice smelling furniture shop near my house, I was greeted by an eccentric (weird, if you do not want me to sugar it up) looking man. The man took me on a tour of wall shelves, saying that every piece of wall shelves that they own can fit perfectly for my house. I asked the man for advice of course, because I am not that well versed in the art of house decorating. The man returned the question, “do you want a modern looking wall shelves or a more contemporary looking one?” he asked.

I am speechless. I did not know anything about modern and contemporary style. The man was a sweetheart though, and he told me a little bit about the difference between them.

To avoid yourself a speechless moment when you are searching for wall shelves or any other pieces of furniture out there, I will tell you the things I have learned from the eccentric-but-kind man.

What is a modern furniture? How does it differ from the more contemporary one?

If we try to find the difference in a more literal way, we can say that a contemporary furniture is a furniture that is very ‘now’ with ‘now’ meaning exactly right now at the moment while a modern furniture is a furniture that resembles the 20th century. 20th century furniture lacks complicated ornaments, so you can say that it is a very simple piece of furniture. This article is talking about wall shelves, so a modern wall shelf is a wall shelf that is very simplistic in design.

Simple Entryway Decor Using Wooden Modern Wall Shelves also Tufted Bench

Why should I choose a simpler wall shelves then?

Simple does not mean it is bad. Modern wall shelves can look good too, you know. You just have to put something that can accentuate the wall shelves to make it look pleasing in the eye. If you want empower your modern wall shelves (so that it can be one your guests look at first), make sure that you did not put something that can diminish the simplistic look of the wall shelves.

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