Modern Living Room Inspirations

Modern living room is great to have in every house hold. Living room is practically the most important room in the house because it is where you host your guest and normally it is the first room in the house. So, if someone wants to judge your house by how it looks, the living room will set the bar. Decorating living room so that it can look modern and sophisticated is not that difficult. All we need to do is just applying some matching themes for the living room. There are numerous themes heavily related to sophistication. Below are some of them.

Exposed Brick Wall Completing Awesome Modern Living Room with Grey Sofa Chaise and Glass TopTable

Contemporary Theme

Contemporary is always related to sophistication because everything in contemporary theme is nothing like traditional things. Say for example, traditional living room table is usually in the shape of square, rectangle, and circle. However, in the contemporary theme, the shape can be more vibrant. A living room table with contemporary theme can have hexagonal shape with only three legs or even a water splash shape. That is why you can totally apply contemporary theme if you want your living room to look modern. Beside of the table, you can have a sofa set with unusual shape and color. Also, use some wall decors which are totally “abnormal” and not traditional at all.

Metallic Theme

Everything with metallic color can be considered as something modern. That is why your modern living room can adapt metallic colors like silver and gold to make it really modern. A traditional living room will be full of wooden and earthy colors such as brown and red. However, in your living room with a touch of modernity, the color scheme of the living room must be more vibrant and bold. Bravery is actually the key when you try to play with metallic colors in this kind of living room.

Artistic Ornament for Open Modern Living Room with Futuristic Sofas and Ottoman facing Round White Table

Minimalist Theme

In traditional living room, everything must be full and complex. You cannot just have a set of couch in a traditional living room, there should be huge cabinets, shelves, coffee tables, and so on in there. It makes the living room is so packed. On the contrary, in a sophisticated living room, you do not have to put everything in the living room. You should really put a set of couch and that is it. The decorations and the color should be very simple as well so that your modern living room can be perfect and comfortable to use.

Choose Dark Sofa Bed and Low Coffee Table for Modern Living Room with Laminate Teak Flooring

Enjoy Time on Sectional Sofa in Modern Living Room with Dark TV Cabinet and Wooden Coffee Table

Fill the Modern Living Room with Grey Sofa and Wide Bench on Dark Grey Carpet Rug

Install Oversized Ceiling Lamp for Spacious Modern Living Room with White Bookshelves and Dark Sofa Chaises

Minimalist Modern Living Room with Wooden Briefcase Tables and Grey Sofa on White Carpet Rug

Stunning Lighting for Modern Living Room with Stone Wall and Wooden Cabinets facing Marble Top Coffee Table

White LED Lights for Bright Modern Living Room with Wooden Coffee Table and Fluffy Sofa

Wicker Ottoman and Black Chair beside Dark Coffee Table inside Modern Living Room with Grey Sofa

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