Modern Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Applying the right modern bathroom lighting is a great idea to make your bathroom space look more luxurious. To choose the right lighting fixtures and install them in the right spots, some ideas from designer below may give you more ideas about bathroom lighting.

Luminious Accessory Decor and Chic Modern Bathroom Lighting with Pure White Wall Paint

Even Lighting of the Vanity Area

Vanity is a crucial area in every bathroom. It is not only a furniture piece that complements your dressing up needs but also something that can improve the look of the bathroom space. To optimize the good look of the vanity, you should apply the right lighting fixtures. For example, applying a couple of glitzy mirrored scones; each lighting on the two sides of the vanity. It looks very feminine and will cross the lighting without too much glare.

Get a Statement with Mod

For those who have a spacious bathroom space, applying a chandelier in modern show-stopping model may be a great idea. You can choose chandelier made of chrome branches with LED bulbs at the ends. It will become a nice statement inside the bathroom in modern design.

Lighting for the Shower Area

Choosing the right lighting for the shower area can be quite tricky. You have to make sure that the lighting is wet and damp resistant, so it will not easily damaged even showered by the water. Choose lighting fixtures that are specially designed for shower area or another wet area. Make sure that all of the electrical components are enclosed totally to prevent moisture damages.

Great Wooden Element and Modern Bathroom Lighting with Bright Ammbience on Large Ceiling

Choose the Right Lighting Based on the Bathroom Design

The bathroom design theme should determine which lighting to install. This is the key to choose the best lighting. If you have a small bathroom space with simple design, then you can choose simple lighting fixtures made from simple materials. Meanwhile, if you have glamorous bathroom design, then the lighting should be glamorous too. For example, beaded pendant or crystal pendant lighting that brings the glamorous jewelry look. Otherwise, placing LED strips on the top and bottom of recessed mirror to get dramatic look. Place the lighting fixture on the right spot so it will become glitzy lighting that optimize the bathroom design.

Spa-Look Bathroom

You can also make a perfect bathroom with a spa-look design. Use the right modern bathroom lighting such as dimmer switches for controlling, install soffit lighting over the tub, as well as LED strips for indirect lighting. The over tub lighting will illuminate the bathroom well, reflected by the white bathtub and creating the spa atmosphere.

Arttistic Tile Wall and Cute Floating Vanity plus Large Mirror

Bright Modern Bathroom Lighting with Pure White Color accent and Chic Glass Window

Calm Color Accent in Modern Bathroom Lighting with Chic Accessory and Big Mirror

Fascinating Furniture Decor with Glossy Glass Door and White Vanity

Fresh Blue Color Accent and Pure White Wall Paint

Glossy Glass Wall and Sleeky Wall Accent plus Chic Mirror

Modern Bathroom Lighting with Chic Design and calm Color Accent on Large Ceiling

Usual Dark Woooden Furniture Decor close Large White Wall Paint

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