Modern Bathroom Design: Tips on Designing the Dream Bathroom

Modern bathroom design is commonly following the trends and it tends to be contemporary. The design is not only following the trend but also it boosts on the aesthetical aspect. Well, we have several tips for you who are currently looking for references to remodel the bathroom in your house. Check this out.

Closed Shower Room using Glass Wall and Door Completing Modern Bathroom Design with Oak Vanity

Efficient layout

Layout is the first thing you should realize before making the whole plan of your bathroom. Every bathroom in this universe needs plan to deal with plumbing, drainage, and other similar stuff in the bathroom.

Flooring material for the shower area should be different with the dry area. But if you want to save the budget, you can make the floor plan as a linear floor plan. Since this is budget-friendly, it also has many cons on it.

Flexibility of the layout

Bathroom needs space for the traffic or human’s zone to move. The presence of two walls in the bathroom should be a hint for you that could be utilized for sure. You can put the toilet and sink in one line on a side of the wall. The other side of the wall can be utilized as the space to put the tub or shower. If you need the complicated modern bathroom design, you can ask the interior designer or an architect to arrange the plan.

Hardwood Flooring for Modern Bathroom Design with Floating Vanity and Clean Wall Mirror

The sink selection

Sink is supposed to accommodate your need. If you like the sink that easily to clean, you can pick a single sink with vanity counter. Or you can choose the under-mount sink that will help you a lot in cleaning the mess after using the sink.

If you are into the modern design, floating sink with vanity is highly recommended. The floating sink will make the room feel larger. Other than that, the space under the sink can be utilized as the space to store towel basket and other supplies.

The lighting

Again, a great design is not only about the layout but also the whole idea of the room. Bathroom needs proper lighting to help you in doing activities and also enhance the bathroom. The main key of lighting in the bathroom is removing the shadows around you so even if you are looking in the mirror, you can do the activity without being bothered by the shadow. Mirror can be touted as the critical spot for lighting based on the modern bathroom design.

Modern Bathroom Design with Unique Bathtub and White Sink under Round Wall Mirror on Black Wall

Natural Oak Vanity and White Sink Placed in Modern Bathroom Design with Clear Glass Wall

The Modern Bathroom Design Completed with Open Shower Area and White Sinks under Clear Mirror

Place Long Oak Vanity and White Sinks inside Modern Bathroom Design with White Bathtub

Use Vintage and Unique Ornaments inside Modern Bathroom Design with Unusual Bathtub and Open Shower Space

Add Small TV facing White Bathtub for Modern Bathroom Design with White Sinks and Wide Mirror

Clean Glass Wall Completing Modern Bathroom Design with White Bathtub and Black Vanity

Decorate Wide Modern Bathroom Design with White Pedestal Sink and Clean White Bathtub

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