Modern Bathroom Design Ideas for Your Private Escape

Modern bathroom ideas are good for references in case you are currently designing or renovating your bathroom. Even though bathroom is not the main room in the house, it needs high attention and good design. Modern design concept for bathroom will form the clean, neat, and luxury in simplicity impression. The basic line for modern bathroom is geometric patterns and shapes, clean lines, minimalist and compact furniture or fixture, and minimal color. If you like something more than minimalist concept, you can look up at the furniture with mid-century style.

Captivating Bathtub also Plants Decor For Best Modern Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom is simply more than important since we use it every day but we tend to forget in giving credit to that space. So, here we have several design ideas for bathroom with modern style. Check this out.

Mid-Century Modern

As the name suggest, the character of this style lays on the mid-19th century or between the years of 1933 – 1965. The main character of this style is straight lines, natural and minimal colors, and also the shapes are geometric. Furniture in the bathroom is the good point to start the project. If you have generously wide space for the bathroom, this idea will be great for sure. A modern chair in the corner of the bathroom can be a nice point of interest, or if it is possible a small sofa will be nicer though. In order to complete the arrangement of modern bathroom ideas, you better look for the suitable pattern and also color for the bathroom. Other than that, you also have to look for the matching fixtures such as faucet, shower, mirror, and many more.

Design ideas with simple and minimalist concept

The main rule of modern design ideas is simplicity. It means that you have to provide and keeping the organic space without clutter. Since we are talking about modern design, built-in shelves and cabinetries are highly recommended. Backsplash and tiles are good in the geometric shapes which will provide clean lines.

Frantic Hanging Shelves also Vanity Plus Toilet For Modern Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom decor ideas

There are several points that can be followed in order to create modern space of bathroom:

a. Mirrors with geometric frame are highly recommended.
b. In order to create the organic mood, you can put a pot of flowers or put it on the shelves.
c. Wall hanging art with modern prints is also recommended.
d. Pop colors are better be skipped and put white and gray for the modern bathroom ideas.

Attractive DEsign of Modern Bathroom Ideas With Elegant Wooden Vanity

Beckoning Showering Area Near Toilet For Decorating Modern Bathroom Ideas

Delicate Furniture For Modern Bathroom Ideas Using Bathtub and Toilet

Delightful Bathtub Near Wooden Cabinet Plus Showering Area Decor

Fancy Interior Bathroom With Bathtub also Corner Toilet near Vanity

Magnificent Showering Area also Chandelier plus Bathtub and Arm Chair

Modern Vanity also Mirror Between Wall Lamps For Interior Bathroom

Smptuous Wall Lamps also Nice Bathtub Design for Modern Bathroom

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