Modern Barn Doors for a Unique Home

Barn doors are still interesting for certain people because ot its unique original design that use simple wood or raw materials for outdoor purposes. However, as there are not many people who own a house with separated barn, the uniqueness of barn doors are being needed to be an accent for a house. We can use barn doors for laundry room, closet, between the garage and living room, and bathroom. Barn door is usually a typical of sliding door. It is designed larger than the normal door size, because it must have more space to be able to cover the door frames. Modern barn doors are even used in cafes or country restaurants because of its uniqueness.

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People who love vintage home style love modern barn doors. To set a barn door in the house, you will need a set of hardware to hang the door. There are many models of hardware you can use for hanging modern barn doors. A sliding barn door is perfect for those who have small houses. Because of its sliding style, the door does not need more space for opening and closing. All you need is just to slide it to close or open the door.

Modern bard doors can be used for storage room with tiny space. When you set the sliding hanging door correctly and paint the this door with nice color, it will look vintage and can cover this storage room and hide everything kept very well. Used wooden container can be a good materials to make a modern barn door. Beside you don’t need to order a new one or buy an expensive one from the stores, you can also recycle the available materials and be an eco friendly home owner.

Currently, many vintage shops sell used barn doors because of its simple and artistic reasons. Barn doors from a very old farm will be much expensive compared to the ones with common houses. The expensive old farm barn doors were made of solid wood with the highest quality. They were even made of a big tree cut just for a barn door.

Opulent Living Area Using Sofa Beside Floor Lamp also White Modern Barn Doors

If you get an old barn door from an old farm house, you can change its look to be modern by remodel or repaint it. Paint an old barn door with bright shocking color can be amazing. Change the handle with the newest functional one that can give a unique accent on your room.

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