Mix and Match the Colours of Grey Bedroom Furniture for more Attractive Combination

By | February 5, 2022

Grey could be a favourable colour for your bedroom. The colour grey can be mixed with other colours to make the mood of the room, such as girly, sunny, or even elegant. The colours include the combination among the colour of floor or carpet, wall, bed, and furniture. The first thing that you have to consider is the mood or atmosphere of the bedroom. What kind of mood that you want to have inside? Then, you can start with these several tips for grey combination.

Luminious Chalk Color Accent and Chic Accessory Decor Ideas Picture

1. Metallic Grey and Bright Pink for Girly Accent

If you want to make your metallic grey-walled bedroom seems girly, you can put few bright pink pieces of furniture. Try to put a pink lamp on your side table. You can also put the pink on your blanket, pillows and bolster. Make sure that you do not put too much pink that makes it overwhelmed. You still need to put grey furniture inside the amount of the grey furniture should be more than the pink ones. For example, you’d better put grey main wardrobe, desk, and chair or sofa. The dominant colour in the room is still grey.

2. Grey and Little Yellow Touch for Sunny Accent

Sunny is close to the yellow and orange colour. With these citrusy colours, you can make the bedroom covered with bight mood. Among grey cupboard, grey bed, and grey sofa in your bedroom, you can add a piece of sunflower yellow carpet with, if it is possible, orange gradation. Moreover, you can attach big round orange lighting on the ceiling. You can also give a touch of yellow blanket on your grey bed and a vase of sunflower on your grey table.

Pure White Color with Bright Glass Window and Nice Rug

3. Dark and Light Grey with White for Elegance

Combining dark grey, light grey or even silver, with white among the furniture in your bedroom can give elegant mood. To make it, you can apply light grey carpet in front of your dark grey bed with the same-tone colour on it. Moreover, the wall can be painted in silver as the dominant colour of the bedroom. Put dark grey on furniture which is quite big and crucial such as wardrobe, sofa, and bed while other furniture is in the lighter colour; it is white for the lamp and side table. White is also applicable for the decoration at the back part of your bed.

Mixing and matching the colour combination of your grey bedroom furniture is one of the ways to beautify the room. Since bedroom is an important room in your house in which you spend your relaxing time, the atmosphere or the mood must be suitable and supportive to the basic function.

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