Mirrors for Bathrooms Decorating Ideas

By | December 26, 2020

Mirrors for bathrooms always become eye catchy feature for everyone. Commonly install at eye level, the bathrooms will reflect the movements inside the bathroom. You can make the feature more interesting by applying some decorations. The decoration will also bring visual contrast into the bathroom.

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Applying a Frame

Frame is a simple way to decorate the mirror in your bathroom. If you have a small mirror, then you can bring it down to frame and then hang the mirror back. You can find decorative frames in thrift stores and garage sales. Create a Victorian aesthetic or elegant look into the mirrors for bathrooms by applying the frames. Besides, you even can choose a simple frame and then paint it in bright color to create enhanced look to the bathroom mirror. If you have a large mounted mirror that has false wood frame, you can glue wood siding strips to the mirror borders. Then choose to paint or have the raw color based on your preferences.

Add False Plants

False plants can also be a great choice to create more decorative and busier look to the bathroom mirror. Apply the false plants with hot glue or wedge the plants behind the frame. For instance, you can choose silk flowers for corner application of the mirror or choose ivy to hang around the mirror frame.

Opposing Mirrors

Decorate the bathroom with mirrors can also be done by hanging the mirror with another smaller mirror on the opposite wall. The smaller mirror installation will create more spacious look to the room so it looks larger. You can also hang more than one small mirrors for bathrooms on the opposite wall of the large mirror. This idea will enable you to create various effects.

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Paint the Mirror

Painting the mirror is also an interesting way to decorate your bathroom mirror. It will help creating creative and unique decoration onto the mirror. Use enamel paint to make flowery borders or curvy shapes on the mirror. Before painting the mirror, it is important to make the design by hand or use stencil to make easier design. Buy the stencil in a craft store and use it to create mirror with sharp clear images.

By having many ideas about bathroom mirror decorations, then you can start choosing and applying the decorations on your mirror in the bathroom. Choose the most suitable décor and then apply it as beautiful as possible to make this special feature looks prettier in the bathroom.

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