Mirror with Storage, for a Small Room Trick

Do you have too small size house that make you confused of how to place your storage?

Not anymore. You can create a built in storage with mirror in your bedroom, or other room where you plan to store everything in the house. Small bedroom space will often look more narrow when combined with various furniture. Especially furniture wardrobe, which certainly takes up more space than the other furniture. As a clothing storage, wardrobe can not be eliminated by the board of the bedroom area. To get around this condition you can create a wardrobe built in layered mirror. You can create a hidden room covered with mirror plated door.

Appealing Design Ideas Of Square Mirror With Storage For Bathroom Decor

Why mirror? The mirror can help create a widespread impression in the small bedroom space. Besides being able to create a widespread impression, the mirror can build a bright and clear image. To enhance the impression of “hidden” in the wardrobe mirror layer built in, you can omit the door handle. Instead, make a small overdraft on the closet door to allow you to open and close the closet door. As a result, the space of your room will look more spacious by using built-in mirror with storage.

To show the far-reaching effects in closet space, you can also coat the inside wall of the closet with a mirror. If you prefer to store clothes by hanging on a hanger, you just add a hanger. However, if deemed closet with stacking shelves shape can hold more clothes, you can combine both types of models such storage.

You can also complete your bathroom with built in cabinets which doors are made of mirrors. The mirrors have the same function as the ones for wardrobes. You can use the mirror for dressing up, but at the same time it can make the bathroom looks wider.

Fantastic Wall Lamp Beside Mirror With Drawers also Dark Hook

Both of the ideas should be planned before you start constructing the house, because built in cabinets or storage must be designed and made as part of the house designs and construction. The cabinets and storages are not movable, they are part of the walls.

Mirror with storage can also be placed in the living room. It is not built in cabinet, and this storage has a function to put photos or decoration to make your living room sweet. For this, you can design the mirror with modern racks made of metal or solid wood. Mirror with metal racks will be matching with modern style of living room, in the other side, the wooden storage will make your room looks classic.

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