Maximizing the House Wall Space with Black Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can alter your empty wall become an artistic place. This can be a place at home where you can show off your lovely family pictures or favorite books. The bottom line is don’t waste the wall space. Black floating shelves can be options as black is neutral.

Chic Flowers On Blue Vase Near Book On Black Floating Shelves

Ten Ways to Decorate Your House with Black Floating Shelves

1. Bathroom

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean you cannot store bathroom amenities and accessories in a large number. Installing floating shelves can be the solution. It shows an attractive way to display your shampoo, shower gel, and towels.

2. Kitchen

Design your kitchen with some narrow floating shelves to make it airy and open. Instead of installing closed cabinets, you can try to substitute them with floating shelves which will give you easier access.

3. Living Room

Maximize the space in your living with floating shelves above the couch. Candles, plants, and frames can be your mood objects where you can put on the shelves.

4. Dining Room

Same tone floating shelves at dining room maybe can boost your mood in preparing dinner for the family. Decorate the shelves with some vases, sculptures, or kitchen utensils can help the atmosphere becomes warmer.

5. Room Corners

Bored with monotonous corner cabinets, you can try to replace them with floating shelves. They will naturally create the space becomes larger.

Cute Accessories For Decorating Public Room On Black Floating Shelves

6. Windows

Even you can decorate your windows with floating shelves. As addition, you can put on transparent curtains on windows then display your favorite stuffs on the shelves.

7. Accessory Rack

A black table will match with some black floating shelves. Keep your accessories on the shelves and decorate other ornaments in the same tone, such as black hanging lamps.

8. Fireplace

Gathering in front of the fireplace with all family members will bring a strong sense of kinship. Being consistent with monochrome color creates a mysterious yet elegant nuance which rock crystals on the shelves can liven up.

9. Bath Tub

Spa – like ambiance can be brought into your bathroom by installing low floating shelves next to your bath tub. Place some towels, candles, and dim light on the shelves. You can burn aromatherapy oil or scented candles to get more relaxation.

10. Book Rack

Having many collections of book can make your room to be more artistic by packing them on floating shelves.

Floating shelves are very functional especially for a small house. As cabinets will take more space and make the room look crowded, you can start thinking to replace them with some floating shelves. One thing you should do is keeping it clean from dust since this open look is a very easy access for dust.

Fancy Floating Shelves Design Idea For Decorating Public or Private Room

Fresh Flowers on Black Vase On Floating Shelve Under Mirror

Impressive Style Of Floating Shelve With Single Drawer in Dark

Interesting Interior Room With Colorful Candle On Black Floating Shelves

Marvelous Floating Shelve Design  Of Wooden Material Attached On Wall

Nice Design Of Black Floating Shelves Attached On The Wall

Simple Design Of Black Floating Shelves In Square Shape Style

Wondrous Design Of Black Wooden Floating Shelves also Stones On Bowl

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