Making A DIY King Headboard for Your Bedroom By Yourself

Bedroom may hold the crown as the most important room in the house. Not only that the house usually centered in the bedroom, but it is also the place where every things begin. This is a place where you get to relax and unwind from every stressful thing outside the house. You will get a good recharge from this room, too. Thus, it is not a wonder if the condition of a bedroom must be keep well.

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While it must be true that the things that probably hold the key in the bedroom is your bed, but a simple big and beautiful king-size bed is not always the answers for every problem. It may be important to help you in getting a good night sleep. But, without a good headboard that complete it, it would never be perfect. Truly, you can’t never neglect the king headboard.

Because of that, having a good king headboard is truly important. Sadly, usually this type of thing is coming with a great deal of price. Many people be still hard to afford it. But, don’t be worried. There is a way to solve this problem. How? You can just make your own DIY king headboard.

In order to make this DIY king headboard, you have to prepare some untreated boards which usually can be found in big hardware stores. Make sure that you already get the size right. To get an exact measurement, you can start by attaching planks that you have, before you build your headboard. Once you get it, you can build the frame, first. Use wood glue and finish nail to attach the frame which already done into the planks that you’ve prepared before.

Enthralling Bed Using Wooden Diy King Headboard also Round Table

Next, you can add trim pieces and attach it through the front space of your headboard. After that, you can start to make your decorative side pieces. Cut the wood into something that you like with jig saw. Then, you can draw the design that you want on it. Add some glue to attach into your bed and secure it with finish nail. After that you can add another board and make some wood screws for the back of your headboard. Add the top board and secured it like before. And, your DIY king headboard is finished. Of course, you are far from done. To make a complete work, you are also recommended to make the foot board. It’s all for the safety of your bed.

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