Make Your Own Queen Bed Headboard

The headboard of the bed is one of the decorative elements that adorn a bed. In addition you can also use the head of the bed as a backrest. If you want to get a bed headboards you can create your own. In this article I will share how to make the head of the bed board. Queen size bed can be selected queen size bed for couples. These beds can accommodate two people with a size of 160 x 200 cm. This size is the responsibility to be more widely you can use the size of a king size bed. King size bed is the size most at 1.8 x 2 meters. These beds are suitable for you as a couple and a child. Width wide enough gives you the freedom to move freely in bed. But it takes a lot of bed space of the room. These beds should be placed so that all subjects are quite extensive.

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As we known, headboard / headboard available in various sizes and colors. You can buy a head of bed ready to adjust your bed, or you can improvise according to taste. Headboard or headboard large can completely change the look and feel of your bedroom.

How to make headboard for queen bed

You can make your queen bed headboard without spend your money. The materials that you need to prepare are plywood, foam, fabric, synthetic leather, and many diagnostic tools such as glue. The first thing you have to do is adjust the size and shape of the headboard, for a queen-size bed headboards normally use for 60-63 inches and a round shape.

To be outside you can use upholstery foam, fabric and skin thickness depends on your passion, though more attractive simply make possible. As the glue you can use glue or Velcro (adhesive commonly used in shoes.

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The first step piece of plywood by 60 inches and form a head board according to your taste and then seal the wood board with sheets of foam, then glue, then cut fabric or leather wrapping something in the form of plywood boards, and exaggerating 10 cm on each side. After that wrap strand board that has been coated foam with fabric or leather synthetic, and glue on each edge neatly.

After neat, glue layer to the padded headboard. There are two options, can use glue or adhesive Velcro. Using adhesive Velcro allows us remove and replace the padded lining. But if it does not intend to mutually padded layer, you should use a stronger adhesive tape it.

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