Make Simple, Fresh and Modern Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Several states in the United States suffer from drought. In Florida they have normal to dry and in Massachusetts they are experiencing exceptional drought. If you live in one of these areas, then you should be able to use water wisely. Water is not a problem if you live in a tropical country because although the dry season there is still enough water. However, in a country with five seasons, when the dry season you will be hard to get water. But the drought is not a reason to remove the garden of your home. Garden can be designed to not require too much water with the plants and suitable arrangement for dry areas. There are some great ideas to make drought tolerant landscaping with modern and fresh look as follows:

Combine Natural Stone Pathway and Beautiful Flowers in Awesome Drought Tolerant Landscaping in Roadside

· Artificial grass

Grass is largest remove water plants. Grass also requires complicated maintenance such as grass cutting, res-sodding, fertilizing, aeration, mulching, and re-seeding. Replace your lawn with artificial grass that does not require water.

· Gravel and stone

Artificial grass is pretty to the park, but rocks and pebbles are also a great option for the park minimalist look. Gravel and stones do not require complex treatment.

· Combine your garden design

You can combine a variety of designs to get the look of attractive colors. You can choose plants that do not require much water.

· Ornamental grasses

If you want to use real grasses, then you can use ornamental grasses that do not require too much water. The type of grass that you can use is a fountain grass, blue fescue, Bluestem, and pampas grass.

Fascinating Drought Tolerant Landscaping with Colorful Flowerss and Stones near Classic Garden Lamp

· Perennials

The combination of perennials and grasses colorful garden will make you look more beautiful. Perennials need less water, such as yarrow, lavender, Kangaroo paw, Russian sage, salvia, blanket flower, and many more. All these plants have a variety of colors so you can choose the most appropriate color combination for your garden.

· Garden furniture

You can put a chair and a table or a place to relax in your garden. The green color of the grass and red, purple, yellow, and orange in plants are perfect when combined with white furniture and brown wood.

· Focal point

You can use a large rock in your garden to make a focal point. You can give natural compost to the soil in your garden so that the plants thrive even with a little water. Sunlight is also important for the fertility of your plants.

Add Grey Sand and White Stone Pathway in Wide Drought Tolerant Landscaping with Grass Area

Choose Drought Tolerant Landscaping for Small Yard with Pebble Space and Purple Lavender Flowers

Complete Back Yard using Desert Like Drought Tolerant Landscaping with Stone Pathway and Details

Interesting Pebble Space in Drought Tolerant Landscaping Yard with Green Plants and Concrete Pathway

Place Cream Stones in Small Desert Like Drought Tolerant Landscaping with Green Plants

Use Stone Tile Pathway for Long Drought Tolerant Landscaping Decorated with Yellow Flowers

Beautiful Yellow Flowers Decorating Drought Tolerant Landscaping with Concrete Pathway and Green Plants

Decorate Long Small Pathway with Concrete Blocks and Pebbles in Awesome Drought Tolerant Landscaping

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