Living Spaces Sofas Design for Comfort and Style

Living spaces sofas are focal point in every living room with both aesthetic and functional value. An ideal sofa shape with comfortable fabric is simply a heaven inside the house for all family members to have quality time. It’s an asset to create inviting atmosphere for both owners and guests. Placed across TV and overlooking the wonderful view outside, it’s never been better than that. From sectional sofas, a pair of sofa to multifunction sofa bed for additional sleeping space. Anything can be made true thanks to numerous design and styles.

Lovely Living Room Decor Using Sofa also Coffee Table and Fireplace

A perfect setting for lounging is sectional sofa. It looks like a half sofa bed with more spaces for relaxing and hanging with family. A cotton fabric for the sofa is irresistibly cozy. You will even be tempted to take a nap every once in a while. Among available designs, anything is possible from classic sectional sofa in suede or natural palette to eclectic sectional sofa with bright and colorful palette. It has to be made more inviting with soft and inviting accessories like the cozy soft accent pillows. Place at least 4 pillows to allow all family members get a hand on it while watching sports or movie.

Classic chesterfield living spaces sofas are proofs that luxury and vintage coexists. This old-style yet very comfortable kind of sofa is never outdated. In a big living room, it fits perfectly to create inviting atmosphere. Leather of faux leather upholstery is its inseparably part. With the similar ambience is rustic chic sofa. Made from high quality wood, the wood-fabric sofa is added with distressed leather upholstery to create vintage look. Having this style for sectional sofa shape is an excellent customization. Choose earth colors like brown or walnut instead of bright colors to soothe the mood. As a pair, a neutral rectangular wood coffee table is perfect.

Nervous Living Spaces Sofas also Glass Coffee Table Under Chandelier

Your living room is rather small yet you want to have extra sitting space for guest? Modular living spaces sofas are the right items. It actually looks like an U-shape sofa. This way, it can invite at least 3 more people to enjoy great time in living room. Soft fabric sets the sofa tone nicely with the layers affirms the signature style. Neutral color palette is most popular but more creativity with bright color palette like turquoise, maroon or pink enhance the atmosphere. To be added are patterned or stripe pillows. Lighting can always improve the sofas’ look during the night. A stunning chandelier or hanging light completes the living room design perfection.

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Graceful Living Spaces Sofas and Arm Chairs also Glass Coffee Table

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