Living Room Decoration Ideas

Living room décor is essential to your room. Living room should be lively and welcoming people that use the room. But before you decide to choose the decoration idea, you better know the main theme of the living room whether it is going to be formal or casual. Do not worry because we will help you to decorate this space with some sort of tips from the expert. Check this out.

Blue Tufted Sofa and Wide Ottoman Placed inside Contemporary Living Room Decor with Brick Firplace

Be good with wood

Applying repurposed wood for the living room will be a good idea. It can be combined with the plain white in the other side to bring up the contemporary living room décor. This kind of living room can be a formal living room but it also leads to something cozy with rustic atmosphere. A wooden coffee table with two puffs in lemon yellow will be suitable to be paired with the sofa in gray. Do not forget to put the rug on the living room both for aesthetic and functional.

Engage with pillow

Sometimes pillow can be something essential in living room decoration ideas. This is an opportunity to use the pillow for the element with patterns or pop colors. Pillows are great for exploring colors and patterns through the fabric options. You can try by combining small pattern with the bigger one. It can be harmonious with the whole living room color or contrast, depends on the theme of your living room after all.

Feel the Summer inside Wonderful Living Room Decor with Wicker Chairs and White Sofas

Boomerang style

Do you like art deco interior style? Well, if you do like it you can try the boomerang style which is implementing the minimalism in midcentury modern era. As the minimalist style stands, boomerang style tends to be sleek but it has detail. Other than that, you can pick one of your favorite pieces of decoration with vintage style for the decorative element in living room as the focal point or a centerpiece.

Mixing the old style with the new one

It is called as the contemporary interior style. You can put the old and traditional style and combine it with the modern or new style. You can get the old grandpa clock or other antique stuff in antique stores or flea market. For the modern look, you can put it on the single lower stool or on the sofa. As long as the living room is inviting and charming, you are already succeeded in applying living room décor.

Impressive Living Room Decor with Wide Fireplace and Black Round Table near Long White Sofa

Long White Sofa and Fluffy Square Cushions Decorating the Cozy Living Room Decor with Black Coffee Table

Place White Shaded Table Lamps on Round Side Tables in Awesome Living Room Decor with Grey Sofa

White Table Lamp on Side Table for Old Fashioned Living Room Decor with White Sofa and Round Table

Awesome Tufted Leather Sofas and Unique Table for Stunning Living Room Decor with Hardwood Flooring

Combine Rustic and Modern Details inside Contemporary Living Room Decor with Brick Fireplace and Cream Chairs

Complete Minimalist Living Room Decor with Dark Coffee Table and Fluffy Sofa on Brown Carpet Rug

Use Appealing Living Room Decor with LED Lighting and Unusual Shelving on Concrete Wall

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