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On your house, no matter how many times you reject the idea, you cannot deny that living room is the place where you truly ‘live’. I myself put many things in my living room, so you can say that I ‘live’ in my living room. I do not have a place or a furniture where I can eat at, so if I eat, I do it in the couch of my living room. The television and all of my entertainment media (gaming consoles and Blu-ray players) are all located in my living room. I put the personal computer that I use to write this article in my living room. Knowing that I put nearly all of my stuff in the living room, you can imagine how busy and how entangled I am with my own living room.

Beckoning Ceiling Lamp Van Design For Living Room Lights Ideas

Of course, I put all of my stuff in the living room for my personal use, but what would happen if I do not have an adequate lighting in there? I will have a hard time on figuring where my stuffs are, and doing things that involves the literary word (reading and writing) will take a little bit longer because the lighting is no enough. My eyes will tire easily and my myopia will increase. Those two are the things that I generally avoid having when I am working or doing anything, so I always think that adequate you need adequate lighting if you want to be more efficient and if you want your eyes to stay healthy.

That is why I am giving you a several living room lights idea so you can have an adequate amount of lighting.

– Light up the three corners of your living room

Of course this is not possible if you a circular living room (but why would build your living room like that?). To make sure that your room’s lighting is adequate, you just have to put lamps on the corners of your living room. Do not put lamps on every corners though, because your living room will be too bright. It is not as bright as the sun, but it will be enough to bother you. Put three lamps on three corners (preferably corners that are furthest from the door) and you will do just fine.

Captivating Interior Using Charming Sofa and Square Coffee Table  also Living Room Lights

– Lamp wattages should differ for different occasions

If you like to read in the living room, you should go get yourself a 40 until 60 watts bulb. If your daily activities involve looking at a display monitor for hours, then make sure the lights are no brighter than the monitor brightness.

– Get yourself a dimmer

This is optional, but it will surely help you. Go install a dimmer for your lights so you can change the brightness level of the lamps. It can be useful if you want to change the room’s mood from one to the other.

Fabulous Floor Lamp also Charming Sofa Plus Wooden Coffee Table

Impressive Ceiling Lamp For Living Room Lights Above Black Coffee Table

Lush Track Lamp and Built In Lamp For Great Living Room Lights

Modern Ceiling Light Fixture also Marvelous Sofa and Coffee Table

Seductive Living Room Lights also White Sofa Plus Brown Wooden Coffee Table

Superb Lighting also Cupboard Plus Stool For Decorating Living Room


Beautiful Living Space Lights also Cute Cupboard With Mirror and Stool

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