Laundry Room Curtains as A Trick to Wonderful Clutter Free Space

House accessory delivering elegance and sophistication to the laundry room is definitely the curtain. Instead of going bare with open storage, installing laundry room curtains can add more style to this utilitarian space. It becomes wonderful color boost to change the room’s atmosphere into more cozy and stylish. It becomes low budget trick for giving multifunction closed storage so you don’t have to buy more cabinets or drawers. You can put any stuff behind the drape from garden tools, cleaning supplies and other household items. This closed storage can certainly be a gorgeous focal point as well with the patterned colorful curtains.

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Despite various available choices of curtains, you need to choose curtain with the right color and style that complement the existing décor in laundry room. To get more privacy, consider hanging the curtains high enough on tension road. It’s an excellent trick in blocking the view but not the sunlight. So, the laundry room still receives lots of natural light. But, if you do not mind about privacy, you can simply have the crisp muslin drape with your most favorite color. Simply tie them back and you’re done. Another choice would be a Roman shade. It’s the best type of curtain for optimum cover from sunlight. Having this shade doesn’t mean the room will be dark. You can trick it by choosing Roman shade in bright colors like yellow, soft pink and turquoise.

Do you want the curtain to create something whimsy for your shabby laundry room? Consider using clothes pins to hang your DIY curtain made from colorful shocks of T-shirt that you no longer use. This creates playful and colorful look for more vibrant laundry room. It’s easy and low in budget. No need to buy brand new curtains for brand new laundry room appearance.

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In some cases where your laundry room in the same space with kitchen, hallway or bathroom, a pretty full high curtain is the right pick. This can be some of beautiful separator. Make sure the pattern, style and the color complements the existing design in a beautiful way. However, this low budget décor still needs some maintenance. You cannot go hang the curtain for months without washing it at all. It will catch dirt and will no longer be as gorgeous as it used to be. So, make sure to wash laundry room curtains at least once a month to keep them looking nice and gorgeous.

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