L-Shaped Bar Suitable Materials for Both Indoor and Outdoor Areas

Building your own bar at home is a good idea to have your own party and collect friends to spend the weekend. It is better to spend your time at home drinking liquor with relatives and sharing the cheerfulness rather than driving in the night going to the clubs. L-shaped bar is the most common shape as this is practical for you to prepare any kinds of beverages in a large space and put your coffee maker nicely in the corner of the table. If you like an open air, you can put the bar in your garden backyard. But for some elegant look, having a bar in your kitchen can help you to decorate your kitchen indirectly.

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Materials Suitable for Both Outdoor and Indoor Bars

If you would like to have bar in an open area, you need more solid material. Otherwise, it gets damaged by extreme weather. Rain and direct sunlight can spoil the material. Marble can be your choice. Marble is water resistant and more durable under the direct sunlight. It is easy to clean as well. It is not susceptible for scratches and long lasting material. In addition, marble has patterns which can beautify the look. Its natural color matches with your green grass and blends with the color of your oak tree backyard. The L-shaped will fit perfectly to be put under the tree. Attach the corner of the bar against the tree trunk. You can invite your colleagues for barbecue party under the tree.

Stacked of stones is also weather-resistant. You can choose river stone or alabaster for more elegant look. Stones bring your bar natural look. It will blend with the tress surrounding easily. If stones are too pale, you can have stacked of bricks L-shape bar for more bold colors.

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While having indoor L-shaped bar has much considerations on its design. Usually they are made from wood. Wood is timeless and unites with other home decorations easily due to its natural color. Oak tree plywood can be an option. For futuristic obsession, steel L-shaped bar is not a bad thing too. This silver color brings modern and sophisticated look. If wood is too much as you already have many furniture made of wood, you can combine it with ceramic tiles on the bar top. You can either install them in soft shades of gray or other pastel colors, or you can be funkier by attaching colorful tiles on it.

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