Know Better About Shoji Door as Special Japanese Sliding Doors

By | August 26, 2021

Japanese sliding doors is one of the most important things in traditional Japanese architecture. Known as Shoji, this sliding door isn’t like any kind of sliding door. It can be said as a door, or maybe a window, which can act as a room divider. This type of sliding door consists of translucent paper which has been put on a frame of wood that has been held together. Usually, the paper which is used in this sliding door is a paper which has been made in manufacturing processes of modern company. But before, washi, a Japanese traditional paper is the one that has been used in this sliding door. And, like any other Japanese architecture, the frame of wood is made of lattice of bamboo or usual wood.

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Actually, this Japanese sliding doors is often used in many traditional houses in Japan, especially in the Japanese style room, as known as washitsu. This sliding door usually designed to help to slide open easily. Not only that, this type of sliding door also has a function to conserve ore space in the house. Unlike your usual swinging door, this sliding door would never required so many spaces when you are using it.

But, these days, the popularity of this Shoji door has increased greatly. Many people in the world, not only the Japanese, also want to implement this type of door in their house. It has been believed because of its excellent quality. With the combination of good wood, the appealing wood stains, the thick and robust design also the wonderful variations of art print shades, this sliding door has a great offer as an addition to the house. Of course, coming with a comparatively low price, no wonder that many people are striving hard to get this type of sliding door in their house.

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So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to get this type of sliding door in your house? Don’t be worried, you’ll probably never regret it. When you are getting it for your house, you will get a great package of it. For example, buying a wood Japanese sliding doors, you will get 2 sliding doors, which has been made from wood, with a classic design;wooden kick plate panel, which is scuff resistant, in the bottom; and sliding window door which usually comes in wood lattice. There are also top, bottom and side rails which will complete the look.

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