Kitchen Layout Planner: Types of Kitchen Layouts to Choose

By | June 6, 2021

Kitchen one of the most important rooms of a house needs to plan well when we want to remodel or build it. We need to think seriously of the things we want to have in our kitchen and how we locate them is very important as well, especially the things we need to install for good. Instinctively, we can draw a layout of the kitchen we want to have. However, there are layout planners to help us draw our dream kitchen.

Enticing Shelves and U Shape Cabinet Plus Stool For Kitchen Layout Planner

Kitchen layout planners are available at architectural or house interior websites in internet. Just browse internet and try it. If we just do this and that we may have kitchen layouts that we want. Take a look at the examples below.

Kinds of kitchen layouts:

· L-shape Layout. This layout usually has main wall cabinets with smaller cabinets and a sink in the configuration of L. this layout is needed by those who don’t like distraction when cooking. If you want to interact with other people like family and friends, you can use an island in the L shape.

· U shape Layout. This kind of layout needs more storage. Large counters and storages will be available here. Storing things won’t be a problem. This surely will allow us to spread the work area.

· Zone Layout. If you want to have different areas of your kitchen. There is a place for cooking, for eating, for storing and also for cleaning in different part of the kitchen. If you have a party and you have some helpers to help you out, they can work at the same time in different part.

· Essential Work Triangle Layout. The triangle here is the sink, the refrigerator and the range area. It is possible for us to install wall ovens and cook tops in different space. If you have two cook kitchens then you should have two sinks.

· Corridor or Galley Layout. This kitchen layout makes us possible to have two straight runs. One side is for the sink, and the other is for range. This type won’t make us move freely. The cabinet can be located in one side, and we can have an island located on the opposite side of the cabinet. The island here will really help you store since you only have little storage space. It is better for you to put important and daily-used kitchen tools on the island, so you don’t have to search them in the cabinet. Remember, this kitchen will be hectic, especially if there is more than one person inside.

Pleasing Kitchen With Small Wall Tile also Contemporary Cabinet Design

Pay attention to the kitchen triangle if you want to have a perfect kitchen. You cannot distract the triangle. If your kitchen will be small, then you have to be smart in choosing kitchen cabinets with enough storage space with simple design. Every possible part in your small kitchen can be used to store things for the kitchen which are usually a lot. Don’t forget about the lighting system. Have a great one with the lamps that are not too dim or too bright. Consider backsplash to prevent so much dirt on the wall. Ventilation system should be on the top of the list otherwise the kitchen will feel stuffy.

What do you think? Are you ready to remodel or build your kitchen? It is great if the article about kitchen layout planner will give you inspiration.

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